Saturday, 30 July 2011

The Pron Project Goes Past 10,000 Views

I looked in on the various uploads of Pron this week, and was very pleased to see it had passed 10,000 views. This covers XTube, and Naughty Machinima. So big congrats to EmeeLee, Louise, Arwen, the many hot and sexy co stars and guest stars which all made the production possible.

The whole Pron Project consists of the joint co directed main movie. Plus the "Special Feature" animated slide show which i produced to showcase Jinx's production photography.

Pron At The Kitty Shack.

This week also saw complete versions of Pron uploaded at the "Kitty Shack" and "Slutload.Com". The larger upload limits at these adult machinima sites coupled with the H.264 codec getting the file to it's absolute smallest size, while still keeping the quality of the movie. Viewers can now watch the complete 30 minute plus movie in one go. This version is not as high quality as NM though. If you're looking to watch this movie for the first time, i'd suggest clicking the movie links top right of this blog.

I hope many other SL producers take a look at this site, it is layed out very well, and if it can host Pron in it's full running time, it should present any project you can throw at it.

If you are worried about the future of Naughty Machinima it's well worth investigating. For example, you could create your own movie production blog, embedding your movies hosted at "Slutload.Com". Releasing your movies in Pornstars group and steering viewers to your blog.

You can watch HERE Or below embedded from Slutload.Com.

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