Friday, 11 May 2012


Checking the properties on the video files for this project, i was amazed to see May 2011. A year ago! I was actually preparing to shoot scenes for my section of Pron. The movie i co directed with EmeeLee Rage.

Mainly the clips were to test out Kirsten's viewer, and working out some special effects elements for Pron too. If you're familiar with that film, you'll notice the Wonder Woman clips are all shot, and resemble the scenes where i arrive in my car prior to be transported to the grid. I just thought wearing a Wonder Woman costume might make it more interesting if i ever decided to use this test footage!

When Alex Latino asked me to do a cameo in his Batman movie as Wonder Woman, i thought it would be cool to edit these clips together into a short fun video. It is just me messing about, but i had a lot of fun making it. I held back the video until Alex released his film. Now i include my cameo finale at the beginning of this short movie. So, thank you Alex for permission to use it.

I just tried to make it short, silly, and sexy, also a bit cheesy, à la 1970's TV show! With me grinning at the camera! I have a feeling there will be more adventures for Wonder Woman, along with Arwen too! In the mean time, i just had fun with some year old clips, and i hope you enjoy it. xox

The Wonen Woman "Spin" test video became the costume change special effect in Pron last Spring.

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