Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Serenity On Flickr : By Lou, Jinx, and Fahye.

Some recent pics i was very lucky to model for. If you like them, please click on any of the pics below to visit the Flickr versions. Included here are some by the wonderful and very talented Louise Silverweb, snapping me in the window. Then the awesome Jinx Jiersen shot me in a Spice Girls inspired, British tribute! Lastly the lovely Fahye grabbed a pic of me relaxing on our beach at Erotique. I had no idea the picture was taken, it was a nice surprise.

Thank you all i appreciate them so much. Wonderful work.

Serenity. xox

Seductive B&W



Jaw Dropping!

Jaw Dropper!


Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Kirsten Smith Shoots My Curves!

Serenity - Curves,Lines and Shadows 4

I got the chance, and a window opened up for me to pose for one of my long time favourite Photographers Kirsten Smith, i was very happy!

I landed on a well designed set, with superb lighting, Kirsten had done a lot of hard creative work before i even arrived. Making this shoot possible considering our times and opportunities don't always overlap too often. That was half the work, and i was delighted with the rest when i saw the results.

Many thanks Kirsten, and i hope you enjoy her pics.

Serenity - Curves,Lines and Shadows 2

Serenity - Curves,Lines and Shadows 3

Serenity - Curves,Lines and Shadows 1