Sunday, 27 May 2012


I have to be a bit conservative on Flickr, with upload quantities ( not conservative in other ways as you see below. ) So, on the blog i can include more content and show you pics not seen on Flickr yet.

I took these pictures on Saturday 26th of May, a very hot, sunny day in my corner of England inspiring me to get to our Erotique beach, and show off my tan lines!

Monday, 21 May 2012


To mark the one year anniversary of the movie, i thought it would be a good time to re release the deleted scenes compilation of Pandora's Box. This is of course exactly what the title suggests. With a newly produced front end. The Star Wars probe droid i added just for this movie, and opening sequence of credits of myself and Arwen in the forest is also new for this feature. Which was infact a special effects test for the Love Juice Blue screened Sauna Scenes.

Pandora's Box is a movie i loved from the first stages of planning with Arwen and Louise, to building the sets, dressing up, and shooting. A first also for me was creating cg animations in software outside of Second Life making the exterior space ship scenes. Which at times, like the finale of the movie were blended with Second Life scenes too.

When we were shooting we had fun, even though the zero G sex was a headache to accomplish! In a bright green box with Arwen and Louise, trying to make a sex engine do what we needed and flying a camera around, to shooting in a forest that really looked so lovely i never wanted to stop filming. That's the reason i has enough video clips for a whole other 10 minutes movie of scenes left out of the original production.

 Some scenes were also left out due to keeping the running time down, and wanting things to flow at a intended rate. Some scenes i left out, just going with a mood i was in while editing, no logic behind it at all i just sort of make love in my editing software and my folder of clips are my menu so to speak! Some were very similar to those i had edited in already too, and some i ruled out for things like animations not quite allowing things to work out.

Pandora's Box won awards for Best Movie, and editing at the Sexiest Awards of 2011. Which I'm very proud of. I later built on the special effects in Pandora's Box, in Pron the Encounter, which won best special effects.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Arwen and Serenity : By Hoobs

We did a nice relaxed, and sexy intimate shoot for Hoobs this week, and am happy to see the results out today on his Flickr stream HERE. Thanks Hoobs. xx

Arwen & SerenityArwen & Serenity Arwen & Serenity

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Serenity and Arwen : New Flickr Uploads.

Call me biased, and i am of course, but i think Arwen's portrait here is the most beautiful one i can ever remember. Below is my latest one. Two very different pictures. I hope you enjoy. xx

arwen pigtails

Serenity ( Keeping the British end up. )

You can visit each of our Flickr Photostreams by clicking on the photo's. :) 


A re release of Erotique Encounters 3D. At SL Porn Tube. This movie was a big improvement on our first 3D movie. With much more effective 3D shots. Which one day i hope to really perfect.

A Girl on Girl sex scene in 3D is pretty cool though, and i am proud to have produced these projects, and even though the viewers are limited due to lack of 3D glasses ( and lack of interest. ) it's a subject and technique i find very cool. If you have Red and Cyan glasses, i hope you enjoy myself and Arwen in 3D!

3D Anaglyph Girl on Girl Action For Red and Cyan Glasses!!!

See more after the Jump!!!

Friday, 11 May 2012


Checking the properties on the video files for this project, i was amazed to see May 2011. A year ago! I was actually preparing to shoot scenes for my section of Pron. The movie i co directed with EmeeLee Rage.

Mainly the clips were to test out Kirsten's viewer, and working out some special effects elements for Pron too. If you're familiar with that film, you'll notice the Wonder Woman clips are all shot, and resemble the scenes where i arrive in my car prior to be transported to the grid. I just thought wearing a Wonder Woman costume might make it more interesting if i ever decided to use this test footage!

When Alex Latino asked me to do a cameo in his Batman movie as Wonder Woman, i thought it would be cool to edit these clips together into a short fun video. It is just me messing about, but i had a lot of fun making it. I held back the video until Alex released his film. Now i include my cameo finale at the beginning of this short movie. So, thank you Alex for permission to use it.

I just tried to make it short, silly, and sexy, also a bit cheesy, à la 1970's TV show! With me grinning at the camera! I have a feeling there will be more adventures for Wonder Woman, along with Arwen too! In the mean time, i just had fun with some year old clips, and i hope you enjoy it. xox

The Wonen Woman "Spin" test video became the costume change special effect in Pron last Spring.

Thursday, 10 May 2012


My friend Alex Latino invited me to play my all time super heroine, Diana aka Wonder Woman. In his latest movie "Batman : A Dark Night". I've just finished putting together a Blog post on this Second Life Porn "Spring Blockbuster" over at the Pornstars Blog right HERE!!!

I was thrilled to be asked, as you may know from many Pornstar Parties, i jump at the chance to put on my Wonder Woman costume for any fancy dress events!

The official movie Poster.

So, thank you Alex, and congrats on pulling off such a ambitious and big scale movie with such great results.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012


We had an amazingly sexy party, packed full of Porn Stars, at Club Erotique on Saturday 5th of May. The party was captured in pictures, over at the SL Porn Blog. So, huge thanks to them for the amazing pictures across two blog posts!

Myself and Arwen Hosted, and we were joined for a while too by yummy Erotique co owner Louise Silverweb who had a dance with us for a while.

I was blown away by the turn out, and just how hot all the guests look. The pictures capture the event well. I can't wait for the next one, next month! :)



It was awesome to see so many stars of Love Juice partying at our club. Kai Baby, with Krystall and Emee below.

Sunday, 6 May 2012


Louise and Coco Silverweb, with Marla Carnell centre.

This is a completely different movie from "Love Juice". However it does sit in context after watching that first film. It could be described as a "Directors Cut" of the Love Juice sex scenes, featuring the super sexy support cast we had on the project.

AmyKitten Parx, getting up close and personal!

All the support cast were filmed against Blue Screen. Which allowed me to place them on beaches, and in the hotel Sauna. I could even place people in shots and scenes together when they never met at all during the filming.

Sid Style, Coco riding Lou! With Hoobs waiting patiently..

I think Love Juice Island is a fun movie, and it does exactly what it set out to do. Which is throw some more spotlight on to the amazing friends, actors, and actresses who took part in this project.

Whoaaa..What a view..I'm loving those lush peaks, the hills in the background are quite nice too! Lou, Coco, Alisha, and Colleen.

Thank you everybody who took part, you all looked amazing! xox


Kyaya and Grim, Sid Style and Hoobs.

The Sun sets on the Love Juice project for Serenity. Awwwww.

Erotique Hotel guests. Colleen Criss, Jinx Jiersen, Evalyn Osment, and Marla Carnell.

Colleen Criss has her back to a thick  bit of wood on the beach. With Jinx Jiersen.

Surf's up!!! And lots more besides. Marla looks patiently, while AmyKitten gets her fun.

Keeley gets all that pesky sand out of those awkward places for Alisha, so considerate. With Cheri and Talyha each side.

What a lucky camera person i am! Colleen Criss and Jinx Jiersen.

Hotel Maids, Arwen Juneberry and Emmanuelle Jameson. Sharing is good!

Hotel manager, EmeeLee Rage, with her steamy, hot Maids, Arwen and Krystall.

The Erotique team..we all need a spell on the beach for real now..after the Love Juice project! Yummy...Louise, Serenity, and Arwen.

My first ever "Money shot" as a Director. And it's Porn legend, and wonderful friend,  AmyKitten Parx doing it in style!