Tuesday, 26 February 2013


Featuring Exclusive Pics!!! Of myself, Louise Silverweb, Emmanuelle Jameson, Jinx Jiersen, and Mirko Panacek.

As you all know we had a lovely night out ( in Europe any way. ) on Sunday the 24th of February, at the Sexiest Film Awards Dress Rehearsal!You all looked stunning, and quite amazing too.

I don't get out so much to such glamorous surroundings, so i loved my time at the beautiful Awards venue, seeing friends, finding out which people are really lovely via IM's, Facebook, and Twitter, supportive, helpful, and truly great friends. Events really underlined what's important to me, and who.

Thanks to LL servers taking out several sims on Sunday night and some other people. Things ran far from smoothly. But those like Emmanuelle and Mids involved in organising and building the show, never built a wonderful venue, or built the biggest SL Porn Group, or the biggest SL Porn Blog without knowing a thing or two. Ensuring when the Awards Night proper is announced it will be better, and more sensational than ever!

I'm also very grateful for more opportunities to dress up in my little French Maids outfit again ( so are my Mistresses Arwen and Louise for that matter. ), and polish all those Awards Statues some more while i look after them for all the Nominee's and Winners!

The downside was, i got upset because i was looking forward to seeing some happy deserving people up on stage with their statues, which Mirko worked so hard on to produce.  That'll happen, just as soon as we use the info gained to produce the best show ever! So, it's all on ice, for a week or two, or maybe a little more to ensure everybody can free their calendars. But you know we're all way too hot to be on ice too long. So it won't be too long a wait. More good news is we've had more contributions to the Nominee's gift bags during this unscheduled break, with a store card from Aurora, and Erotic Poses from Suff Lockjaw, joining the Warm Animations Gifts, and Mirko's Lingerie sets, and mens swim sets inside the bags.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Serenity at Home : What am i up to?

Amagaad's..So busy atm. Pornstars Blogging, Sexiest Head Judge, Shooting for Nikki Arlington's amazing new movie, and all the other usual activities. I am trying to find time for photo shoots, movies, and other projects. Realistically i won't begin a new movie until after the Sexiest Awards. We do have a couple planned though.

I managed to take these impromptu pictures, which was me fitting my new mesh eye lashes, and having a little free time to grab a few shots. I also managed to do a Super Bowl pic for Pornstars Blog.

We also did a comic book shoot for Alexus Minotaur, out this month, managed to do some publicity shots for Sexiest Awards, but it has been hectic. I'm looking forward to directing again, and doing more Flickr projects.

Serenity. xox

Saturday, 2 February 2013


Now for one of the most common sentences ever written on a Blog...Not so many updates on our blog recently, we've been very busy.

As you know i edit the Pornstars Blog too, which has kept me busy, plus being involved in Judging the Sexiest Awards, Helping Emmanuelle to organise them, and Arwen has had a ton of RL work and things on her plate.

So we hope to come out the other side of all that with a lot of projects, and content for this blog, Flickr, and movie stuff too!

in the mean time, here's a few pics. :)