Thursday, 23 June 2011


2009 My first ever movie.

I have been updating this new blog with retrospectives of Sere & Arwen's movies. Looking back, and loading this newer blog with our back catalogue of movies.

You can't go back any further than this one! "Serenity, the AO store, and the Emerald Jiggle"  back in 2009, i came across Amykitten's blog, and watched a lot of her SL Porn movies. It seemed like a lot of fun and a great way for somebody like myself who had always had an interest in producing video to use Second Life this way. So i am always grateful to Amykitten for inspiring me, and making me take those first steps. Once i landed Emanuelle became the next influential person for me. Introducing me, blogging my early stuff, helping me with everything and guiding me some more. *hugs and thanks to them both*

After Amykitten's Blog, I got Fraps, and experimented shooting some clips. The first bunch of clips i ever actually bothered editing into anything resembling a proper project was this one. If you watch it, don't worry you never missed the point, or the plot, or the green screen, or the shadows even! This was me just pottering back in 2009 and having some fun. In summer 2010 i actually got it together enough to produce a porn movie. The Wrong Side of Town. Which is special now for two reasons, because it was not only my first porn movie as actress and director, but i was also lucky enough to win the Sexiest Actress at the Sexiest Awards with it.

We've moved on, the boobs have moved on, the movies got better, the jiggling got better! Yay!

But this is step one on our journey through to SL Porn. We all have to start somewhere...right!? LOL

Second Life "Serenity's Jiggling Boobs" by serenity_babe

Sunday, 19 June 2011


Sere & Arwen - MILF  In Law

Since two disastrous uploads and embeds to Naughty Machinima stopped working for various reasons, and a  rushed out, low quality replacement got put up there some time back it's really bugged me, until now i decided to re upload MILF In Law, tweaked it a bit and re released.

I'm still not 100% happy, but it's a big improvement on before.

This movie came out between Erotique Paradise Isle, and Web Cam Voyeur. I think it's a fun movie, it definately is a homage to some cheesy 70's Porn Movies, and probably a bit of a release valve from the 100% special effects in Erotique paradise Isle. It's good it sits between them, it was just the right movie to make for us at the time. We all had fun. Arwen too did a first by playing two roles on one of our movies. Playing her self and the busty MILF!

You'll see, MILF's, Voyeurism, fetishes in our movies and i hope we keep tackling these deep rooted fantasies. They are fun, and staples of what we and others find hot and sexy i think. I hope you enjoy. :)



The Future of Second Life 3D..Picture taken in Kirsten's 3D Viewer.

We're at a bit of a threshold right now with 3D Machinima and Porn. Our two 3D movies so far were made with the pretty awful "Dale Glass Viewer" which was based on a very early Second Life Viewer. Now we have the ultimately better Kirsten's Viewer supporting 3D, the sky is the limit!

Serenity In "Booty Call 3D"

Dale Glass Viewer was a nightmare but i did manage to shoot 2 movies. Booty Call 3D, and Erotique Encounters. These were simple sex video's for a couple of reasons. The viewer was just unreliable, i never wanted to invest too much time and effort in productions using it, because you coould literally login twice and not have the same hair rez, so continuity on a big project was in jepeordy. It also hated any modern sculpted prim, which limited locations and sets.

This could be the screen cap to make you consider buying Glasses..Arwen In Erotique Encounter's 3D.

So with Kirsten's in mind i hope those problems are behind us. However it may be some more time before i break away from more simple sex video in 3D as the audience is limited. We'll See what happens, and what feed back we get from our 3D projects.

I love 3D, it's fun, exciting, and if you ever do get glasses to watch our movies, we really do hope you get all we intended from those extra dimensions!

3D Glasses are very cheap on Ebay, or Play.com, and many other sites. Sun glass style 3D glasses i paid £1.00 for, that's around $1.60.

You may not know but several movies are out for your Blu Ray Player for the old style red/cyan glasses. You don't need the brand new 3D TV's to watch some big movies in stunning 3D. Avatar for example using the same system as our movies is mind blowing and well worth getting. Others include Alice in Wonderland, and Pirahna 3D ( for 3D boobs! ) mean just in case you don't want to buy 3D glasses just for Sere and Arwen..maybe Avatar might tip the balance! lol

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Sere & Arwen - Get Dolled Up!

When we got to making "Dolled Up!" we had each done a solo movie, and both worked on "The Interview". The Interview was our first attempt to tell any kind of story, building on just themes and scenario's on our first two movies. Dolled Up! was our first big, full scale story movie. I'm really proud of it, and love it for many reasons. One being it really built and established Erotique Porn Productions as a team. With Louise writing the amazing story line and building the sets with me, Arwen working with me on the photographic side of Directing.

Sere Dolly In Action!

This is also the first movie where when i edited it, and did post production i added visual effects, as in the finale scene. Techniques which i later used in Web Cam Voyeur and Pandora's Box.

Arwen takes it like a good Dolly!

To me it's a sexy movie, with a strong theme, two innocents having their minds released to become pleasure seeking bimbos! Was really a metaphor for letting your hair down and doing your thing in SL.

Anth Jupiter Plays the Evil, Dom Scientist..Can he cope with Sere & Arwen on sexual "over drive" !?

It was interesting, both myself and Arwen gave Dolled Up! as an answer when we were interviewed for Emanuelle's Blog recently. When asked what our favourite role was. We both loved the dressing up, and playing a character. The Lola's Boobs were fun too!

Unfortunately, this movie was hosted at Naughty Bitch Machinima, and had to be re uploaded at Naughty Machinima later. Meaning the nice comments, and ratings people were kind enough to give us have now gone..but i hope in time the movie gets noticed again even without those attached any longer.

See more screen caps..and watch the movie after the JUMP!

Monday, 13 June 2011

Recruitment at Erotique - Have You Got What It Takes?

Are you ready to join the staff of one of the top escort clubs in on SL?
To be considered for this position you need to have.
- A beautiful avi with good skin and shape. Our girls are seen as some of the most beautiful in SL
- Good communication and Emoting skills. Our girls must interact professionally with clients and get to know their personal needs. Cut and pasted emotes or emote huds will not be allowed.
-A proven track record working in escorting and dancing.  Clients need to be worked for. We do not want girls who come to the club and expect us to spoon feed clients to them. Girls will have to show evidence they can bring clients to the club.
-Loyalty and honesty in respect of all the clubs rules and arrangements.
In return you get to work in exquisite surroundings offering a variety of locations to you and your clients. Erotique is a long established club having been set up over 2 years ago.
We are a renwoned pornstar event venue and have many leading pornstar actors as residents on the sim.
We have various staff requirements

Staff Categories

Madames:1 Vacancy

Essentially the Madame is responsible for overseeing the general well being of the club by promoting traffic through the club and recruiting girls to meet clients expectations. She is also responsible for the day to day running of the club ensuring staff obey club rules and dealing with unruly clients.
She will also work with the owners providing ideas to improve the club and helping with club events and projects.
Specific Duties
Promoting the Club Socially
Handing out Applications
Providing potential clients with LMs
Recruiting and training new girls
Working with Owners to suggest potential Ad sites
Designing rotas and plans for efficient manning of club.

In return, the Madame will earn 100% of tips. The percentage paid tot he club will be rebated back to her at the end of the month. Tips will be monitored by the owners


Resident Escorts

Escorts paying 350$L a week will be entitled to live at an Erotique Loft and use it to take their clients. They will also get a free Adboard outside the strip club. They will earn 80% of all tips made at the club. Any income made from taking a client back to their loft will be their own.

 General Escorts

These are Escorts  employed by Erotique who do not want to rent a loft. As with Resident Escorts they will earn 80% of tips in the main club buildings. Private Escort duties will be performed in the club escort suites. All monies must be paid through the suite tip jars from which the Escort will receive 70% of the takings. Any failure to do this will mean instant dismissal from the club.
Erotique Dancers
These are Dancers who do not wish to perform escort duties but merely wish to strip for clients. These dancers will recieve 80% of the tips they make in the general club areas.

You can click below, and TP to pick up an application right now...

Erotique Strip Club SLURL

Saturday, 11 June 2011


Return To Arwen's Cabana.

Arwen Juneberry and VanHelsing Svoboda star in : Return To Arwen's Cabana

This project was born out of me keeping some of the green screen video i shot for  "Erotique Paradise Isle" our first green screen movie.

The Fraps files of Arwen and VanHelsing, represented a much bigger shoot than the clips used in the large foursome sex scene in Paradise Isle, so i decided to see if i could refine the green screen looks even more, and make a whole new stand alone movie from them, it was also released in 720p HD, adding more to it's looks. The great thing about storing this shoot which was shot in a green screen studio was i could go back, add new HD back drops, and even colour tint the video and set half the movie at sunset. The result is a completely fresh look from Arwen and van's scenes in Erotique paradise Isle. Even though some of the scenes are the same as those used in that first movie.

The whole Paradise Isle project, and Arwen's Cabana is one i'm very proud of. Arwen and myself won 3 SEXIEST® Awards ( Second Life Porn Oscars ) for the project. I was also very proud to have inspired Natalie Xenga to make her recently featured at Naughty Machinima "BALI" movie with these films.

The result was i hope, a fun little movie and what i hope are scenes which look as nice to others as they did to me when i put it together. I think Arwen and Van look both romantic and passionate, especially at sunset. Me..I'm just in it to add some sort of shaky concept..and some comic aspect i guess. LOL

Serenity In Voyeur mode with her telescope!

Watch the movie, and see more screen caps after the JUMP!

Thursday, 9 June 2011


Sere & Arwen With Director Nikolas Frederix

As all our movie bits plus lots of other bits vanished, along with the old blog, i wanted a record of our times in SL Porn here in the archives of our all new blog. So over the next few weeks I'll be recapping with the series of Movie Retrospectives. First out...are two movies we never directed..but appeared as actresses on. One in fact was the first time myself and Arwen had both appeared together in actress only mode! All that free time on a shoot..i never knew what to do with myself! Much :P

We made two movies with Director Nikolas Frederix earlier this year, one went on to be a featured movie at Naughty Machinima, "Rooftop Delights" the other i was more proud of, "Cali Fornication Alley" seemed to pass by without as much attention.

Nikolas impressed me with his film making style, and looking back he was a real pioneer of the Kirsten's viewer, shadow and depth which is now becoming part of mainstream film making at Naughty Machinima.

Watch us in plain old actress mode after the JUMP!

New Start For The Pornstar Files.

 Madame's Sere and Arwen at the new Erotique Strip Club.

It seemed easy to keep going with my blog when myself and Arwen began our projects, as it was already up and running.

but no matter what the banner said, it still had Serenity only on the URL. So now it has "sere and arwen" in the address.

So when some technical problems cropped up, it seemed best to start fresh and get the new address. I hope i can see the followers come back and it'll be business as usual.

To kick things off..here are a few pics of myself and Arwen as "Madames" at our new little club at the Erotique Resort.