Thursday, 23 June 2011


2009 My first ever movie.

I have been updating this new blog with retrospectives of Sere & Arwen's movies. Looking back, and loading this newer blog with our back catalogue of movies.

You can't go back any further than this one! "Serenity, the AO store, and the Emerald Jiggle"  back in 2009, i came across Amykitten's blog, and watched a lot of her SL Porn movies. It seemed like a lot of fun and a great way for somebody like myself who had always had an interest in producing video to use Second Life this way. So i am always grateful to Amykitten for inspiring me, and making me take those first steps. Once i landed Emanuelle became the next influential person for me. Introducing me, blogging my early stuff, helping me with everything and guiding me some more. *hugs and thanks to them both*

After Amykitten's Blog, I got Fraps, and experimented shooting some clips. The first bunch of clips i ever actually bothered editing into anything resembling a proper project was this one. If you watch it, don't worry you never missed the point, or the plot, or the green screen, or the shadows even! This was me just pottering back in 2009 and having some fun. In summer 2010 i actually got it together enough to produce a porn movie. The Wrong Side of Town. Which is special now for two reasons, because it was not only my first porn movie as actress and director, but i was also lucky enough to win the Sexiest Actress at the Sexiest Awards with it.

We've moved on, the boobs have moved on, the movies got better, the jiggling got better! Yay!

But this is step one on our journey through to SL Porn. We all have to start somewhere...right!? LOL

Second Life "Serenity's Jiggling Boobs" by serenity_babe

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