Monday, 30 January 2012


Arwen : Sexiest Actress 2011. In Pron - The Encounter.

We'd both like to thank Emanuelle Jameson for working so hard on the Sexiest awards event and show. Anybody who knows Emmanuelle knows she is a generous and sweet person. Devoting time and a huge amount of effort shows that anybody less than that would never put what she did into making this all happen. Thankyou also to warm animations and the sponsors too, and Mids of club chocolat for the amazing venue build.

EmeeLee Rage ( photo by Don Roodborst  ) Wins for "Pron - The Encounter" along side myself.
Let's not forget Pixie Rain gave up eligibility for awards and did an amazing job as head judge. Assembling a diverse mix of personality's some of which were photographer's and machinima artists of the highest order for her judging panel. Making a nomination a special achievement given their expertise. Pixie's sacrifice was no mean act considering she's a leading, award winning, and extremely innovative and creative producer herself. Both her and the 12 judges gave up a huge amount of time and put in a lot of dedication to make this event happen. Thank you.

My Co Star in "The Widow" Luke Lancaster. Wins Sexiest Actor.
The show itself was superb. Virtual Burlesque were stunning, the musicians top quality, and Fang of the Clit Pit, was as sexy as ever on the mic presenting the awards. This show was a huge evolution on last year, proof of the great work put in by all involved.

Me...I was very, very happy, to receive awards with Arwen for the production side of Pandora's box. 
Big congratulations to all the award winners, and all the nominee's too who are also winners. Taking part, and participating in a show where a hundred or more movies were submitted.

Very proud also, that Pron's Special effects were awarded. Much of the experiments in Pandora's box, were put to use in Pron. Along side Emee's innovative editing style giving visual flare the effects all blended nicely.
Regarding our movie projects, Arwen, Luke, Emee, and myself won awards. Myself and Arwen also appeared as Fluffer's in Strom and Aurora's movie, 50 man gang bang, which won best group sex scene.

Here is the Final Results post by Pixie Rain. After the JUMP!!! TY. xx

Thursday, 26 January 2012


It's been a exciting start to 2012. We've appeared as actresses with Lee Horngold, and done a shoot with Sid Alex Style. Now it's time to begin our own first movie project of the year.

It's one we've planned on doing for a long time, around a year. It's a fun story, developed by us all, which went into the final script by Louise Silverweb. We plan on taking our time with it, and enjoying it. We want all involved to have fun. The movie reminds me a lot of Erotique Paradise Isle, in that it's a fun story with a big cast,  and a great mixture of well known names, and newcomers to the scene. It's also experimental in many ways visually too. Although it has its roots in that movie from 2010, it's hopefully a bit more sophisticated, a bigger story, and featuring many more people!

Myself and Arwen will be taking advantage of the actresses, and actors we film..( oops that never sounded right did it!? ) by photographing them, and making the whole thing more fun hopefully for all those involved. In a shoot this week, it was our pleasure to film two lovely girls. Who I'm sure will be seen many times over in the movies this year. Talhya Sieyes, and Cheri. Thanks girls for getting the project underway!


Saturday, 21 January 2012


Pandora's Box, Nominated for five Sexiest Awards.
The Sexiest Awards nominations are now over for another year. We try hard to be nominated, as it's great to see our movies and projects up there, and we're very proud to be placed along side like minded people who put great effort and creativity into their projects. If we do particularly well then we hope to take away an award to remember the show and event with.

Web Cam Voyeur
Erotique Porn was involved in movies which produced 19 Sexiest Award Nominations. In all, four of our projects received nominations. Web Cam Voyeur, Pandora's Box, Pron - The Encounter ( co directed with EmeeLee Rage ), and The Widow.

The Widow. Nominated for three Sexiest Awards.
These four movies reflect many months of hard work and we're really proud and happy to see that recognised. Also huge congrats to EmeeLee, who is responsible for many of these nominations under her own steam without any input from us. Such as the middle act of Pron, the story in Pron itself,  its Group, Oral, and Anal sex scenes, plus directing myself and Arwen for our best Couple nomination, and Arwen's sexy best actress nomination. Thankyou EmeeLee for making it a special experience, and getting us the nominations through your visions while directing.

Pron - The Encounter. Nominated for nine Sexiest Awards.
Good luck to all involved, we're looking forward to looking sexy and stunning with you all next sunday! xx


Pron - The Encounter

Pandora's Box


Pandora's Box


Arwen Juneberry for Pron the Encounter.


Luke Lancaster for The Widow.


The widow - Arwen Juneberry.

Pron - The Encounter - EmeeLee Rage.


Web Cam Voyeur

Pandora's Box

Pron - The Encounter


Pandora's Box

Pron - The Encounter


Pron - The Encounter 

( Oral scene in Pron directed by EmeeLee Rage )


Pron - The Encounter


Pron The Encounter

( Group sex in Pron directed by EmeeLee Rage )


Pandora's Box

Pron - The Encounter


The Widow

Pron - The Encounter

( Anal scene in Pron - The Encounter Directed by EmeeLee Rage )

Sunday, 15 January 2012


Erotique Production Team Member & Co Owner : Louise Silverweb

An often underrated feature of making a good looking movie is the set and location. You can decide on the theme of your movie and wander around SL looking for a suitable location and you may be lucky but in such areas permissions, traffic and other factors are usually out of your control. This is why at Club Erotique Productions we try to do our own set design and build wherever possible. In this way we can build something to suit the directors exact needs.

I work very closely with Sere and Arwen when discussing a new movie to try and establish exactly what look they want for their movie theme and between us we come up with ideas for the sets. Some are more complicated than others.

Serenity Juneberry's special effects combined with Louise's set in "Pandora's Box"
The making of Pandora's box was a particular headache. The design of the spaceship interior needed to match Seres graphics for the outside shots and the selection of suitable textures was critical. I have to say the right texture can really make the film stand out. Along with this we had to ensure we designed in suitable doors and portals which could be shot against green screen for the outside shots.

Louise's "in world" mechanical build in the green screen studio. Blended with Serenity's special effects and camera work
The biggest nightmare on that movie was the weightless sex scenes. Sere told me what she wanted to achieve so we came up with the tools , a 360 degree green screen box and a lesbian sex engine which I modified to include a rotation script. Simple you might say but to achieve the flowing movement we had to keep modifying the speed of the rotation and resyncing the positions. So that wonderful erotic end result had a few false starts.

Serenity on Louise's church set in the movie "The Widow"
Like Real life movie sets the sets I build here are all about the facade. As long as it looks good for the camera that's all that counts. Most self-respecting builders would shiver if they wandered around the back of the sets. But as I think the sets on Pandora, Pron and The Widow proved its the end results that counts.

Louise, on her bar set for the movie "Pron - The Encounter"
 I never throw anything away after the movie is finished. Many objects can be re-textured and re-used. The futuristic bar in Pron was originally a wooden cocktail bar at Club Erotique but retextured using shiny metal textures and a few additions it looked great as the focal point for the bar scene

No doubt in the new year new  movies will present new challenges, but i love doing it and to see the results is a real buzz.

Louise Silverweb.

Saturday, 14 January 2012


The newest, and most complete version of The Wrong Side Of Town, is now at SL Porn Tube. This was my first ever movie as both actress, and director. From August 2010.

It's a special movie in so many ways for me. It obviously opened up something i love doing and sharing with Arwen. It also introduced me to the Pornstar scene in SL. Something i had no idea about before. It brought about my friendship with Emmanuelle, when she blogged it, and invited me into the Pornstars group after its release. Leading of course on into every friendship made on the scene.

The icing on the cake for this production was being awarded THE SEXIEST® FILM AWARD for Sexiest Actress at the 2010 awards show for my role in it.

Lastly, if you know me or ask me, or read my ramblings here often, you'll know i always credit this film as being inspired by Amykitten Parx, who's films first introduced me to the concept of Second Life adult movies.

This movie is not my best, or most technical, or most polished. But it did open doors and begin things for me. It'll always be one i love to remember.

Friday, 13 January 2012



We had a fun night with Lee Horngold. Who always manages to deliver eye candy on his movie projects, with a big focus on visual effects which myself and Arwen also both like to do inside our genre of porn too.

Lee also edited this video very stylishly and nicely, capturing some great shots with his camera....

Which always takes the viewer where they want to go. It really is a hot and sexy music video. Which we're proud to have been involved in.

Lee was a great guy to work with, he's a dedicated film maker on our scene. He was worried myself and Arwen make longer movies with a script, but the truth is we're big fans of all well produced SL Porn.

As guests on another director's work we really enjoy a change of pace and style which Lee gave us here.

What's not to like about dressing up sexy, stripping, dancing, having some hot fun, and watching a well produced end result like 2 Strippers 1 Cock!

Thanks Lee!

Sunday, 8 January 2012


Way, way back in 2011, earlier in that year infact. We shot a movie called Booty Call. This was nothing much more than good old fashioned a sex video, with no story or any elaborate plot. However with one difference. It was in 3D!


If you know me, and follow this blog, you'll know i like to play about with 3D photography and video. I have managed to load 3D pictures of myself onto my Nintendo 3DS! What can i say, it was a quiet rainy day!

I know two ways to achieve this in SL. One is fine for photography, this is taking two snapshots, each from slightly different angles, to represent your left and right eye. This is ok for a still picture. But when animations, and video come into play it's quite tricky. I have produced some amazing results on video, much better than the method used in Booty Call, but the prospect of shooting a movie twice, and lining it all up is quite daunting.

So, Booty Call 3D took a short cut, and used a SL viewer which broadcast a view in 3D anaglyph ( red and cyan  ) already.

I produced two movies in 3D. They did do all they set out to achieve, gave me a learning curve which i think could lead to a much more impressive third movie. Learning from all the mistakes made so far!

High quality video is a must for 3D video production. For various reasons the final movie lost some sharpness and the 3D effect is best viewed as the small window on the web site.If a third movie is made i hope to get the final film to the website in much higher quality, with much more 3D effect.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

MILF In Law @ SL Porn Tube

MILF In Law is now available to watch at SL Porn Tube. The new version is encoded in the H.264 codec. It's the highest quality copy ever released of this film. Which I'm really pleased about, as this movie never seemed to display a nice quality upload until now. So, thank you SL Porn Tube!

Many of you may have joined the SL Porn community after this movie was released, so i hope you enjoy a first look at it.

Serenity gets a big dose of motherly love, when Arwen's mum comes to visit!

Sunday, 1 January 2012


Our recent movie "Maid In The City - Corruption Is Bliss!" was recently made a featured movie at Naughty Machinima.

 I'm really pleased about this due to the added time the movie can now receive showcased at the site. With our co stars Lunedor, and Rache in mind this is a good thing for them, as they fully deserved it, and looked so good on the film, Arwen i felt looked very sexy! Quite photo realistic too in some shots, her looks were just fun and a pleasure to film of course!

In many ways Corruption Is Bliss is the best looking Erotique movie so far in my opinion. It may not have the big effects scenes like Pandora's Box, or Pron, but it is a good looking film, featuring some of the processing techniques I've used on my Flickr photography. With two distinct feels to it, the soft lesbian scenes, followed by the hot Shemale BDSM sequences it hopefully manages to stay pretty  fresh all the way through.

I'm looking forward to a healthy New Year for SL Porn, with SL Porn Tube going strong, and now it appears Naughty machinima has it's troubles behind it, with visitors being able to view, and members being able to upload once again without troubles. ( More healthy than me right now, with a cold..I am trying a mixture of Brandy, and Lemsip..seperate glassses i'm not one to spoil Brandy! )