Friday, 30 September 2011



What could possibly happen when a sexy SL porn couple invite myself and Arwen to a lingerie party? The answer is pretty much what you'd expect. It was not a trick question! Hot lesbian sex of course!

Watch Emily & Linda's new movie, also starring Serenity and Arwen. CLICK HERE TO WATCH. Or view at the foot of the post.

It was a real delight to shoot a movie with Emily and Linda, who of course have much in common with myself and Arwen.

I love the lighting, it really added to an intense, sexy atmosphere on screen. I'm sure this will be the first of many times we all appear together onscreen. It was a lot of fun from start to finish. The sexy results, speak for themselves.

Many Thanks Emily and Linda. xx

The Travelling Juneberry's LOL...waiting for the party. Linda's snapshot .

Lingerie Party (SL Lesbian Porn Couples)


Wednesday, 28 September 2011


We've followed Mr Lexenstar's Flickr for a long time. I'm a big fan of his comic book projects and other work. So it was a pleasure for us to pose for him. Here is the first picture of two he'll be releasing on his Flickr pages.

Thanks once again. Love this pic so much, and it looks a treat hanging in my SL living room already!

Click the picture below, to visit his awesome FLICKR  photostream. :)

Arwen & Serenity Juneberry
Mr Lexenstar's first of two pics featuring Serenity and Arwen.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Arwen's Relaxation Break - September 2010

September 2010, saw Arwen's first ever appearance on screen. It was a fun little movie, short, but action packed! It also saw us use some text for the very first time, to tell the simplest of stories, but it did set things up for later movies we would do.

This movie still has some of my favourite shots since i began filming in SL. So i'm giving you an embedded updated version of this movie, for 2011 hosted at Kittyshack. To mark Arwen's year. :)

Sunday, 25 September 2011


We posed for Jinx Jeirsen recently, for a feature in the October "Halloween" edition of Playmates Magazine.

Sere and Arwen featured, and interviewed in this months "Playmates" magazine!

Following the "Pron" Production picture shoot Jinx did for us during EmeeLee's amazing sex encounter scenes. We were excited to pose as two lesbian witches getting it on while our cauldron bubbled away!

Looking through my copy of the magazine, I'm so grateful yet again to Jinx, who has captured some beautiful, sexy, and sensual shots of myself and Arwen. I love the results. The magazine is well worth getting hold of,  I won't of course post all the pics as yet, in fairness to Playmates. I'll just use the opening page of our feature as a little tease.

It also features a nice interview with myself and Arwen, plus all the usual great magazine content.

Thursday, 22 September 2011


The widow started out a simple little project, a warm up to take us into a bigger film we had planned. However, we loved the concept, and the costumes, the set was so inspirational for filming on, and Arwen's story was so much fun we just kept throwing in ideas. it grew into a movie we totally enjoyed making.

 I was very pleased to do a project that did challenge technically, with plenty of visual effects. Visual effects of a different feel than the sci fi ones seen in Pandora's Box, and Pron.

I guess horror movie scenes these days are the biggest effects movies next to sci fi, and The Widow has a foot in that camp. It was a lot of fun to put those effects scenes together and try some new things. The movie is broken into 3 parts. Each quite different. The first quite atmospheric, the second i hope is down right sexy! The finale is designed to be firmly tongue in cheek, with a huge helping of melodramatic, old style movie matinee feel.

It was amazing fun bringing Arwen's story to life. On Louises great church set, and alter. Any movie where the whole team at Erotique Productions all contribute so much to produce the movie will always go down as a memorable one for me.

I get some hot scenes with an amazing guy, a close friend, Luke Lancaster. It's been a long time since i appeared on screen with a guy, not intentionally, just how the stories and roles have worked out on previous movies.

I spent a long time with Luke filming. So it's lucky i love him to bits, he was so great, and always has been to both me and Arwen. Luke ticked all the boxes for this role, he's patient, hot, and has an avatar which is not OTT in any way, which is very important for me.

Arwen is just looking so hot and horny, and plain naughty as the action unfolds too! ( so yes..type cast again! )

I remember being blown away by the atmosphere, and feeling generated in movies such as The Omen, I hope the opening of the movie gets at least a fraction of that. The sex scenes are, shall we say comprehensive? LOL. Ranging from good old fashioned porn style, to what we hope is something fitting for the environment it's set in. I think some of it looks quite heavenly, and beautiful. I hope by the end you feel like you've watched somebody make love, and have hot passionate impromtu sex.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011


EDIT : First off i've had such nice feed back about the picture accompanying this post, on Flickr, and elsewhere. That i decided to run with it as a blog banner for a while. :)

Brit Girls Arwen and Serenity Ready to warm up your winter!!!

It's been a quiet time on our blog lately, but we've been very busy in Real life, and working on several projects in SL, one has taken up most of our time in Second Life, which is a brand new movie i'm putting the finishing touches too right now. Hopefully out this week! It began as a simple movie to get us warmed up for a big production we have planned involving a big cast, very much in the way "Erotique Paradise Isle" did. However, this "Simple" movie pretty much took over as we enjoyed it so much, and i feel it's as big in scope now as Pandora's Box!

I have still been posting over on Emanuelle Jameson's Second Life blog though, i hope you caught the great Hard Rust interview the weekend? If not go and check it out.

I also made new banners for this blog along with a little tweaked new look background, and a new banner for Stripped and Teased blog.

As you saw on the post below, we've posed for "Playmates magazine" which will be out next month i believe. We also have many photo shoots to do for photographers who have contacted us in world. Trying to fit it in with a busy RL atm is a pain though.

We also have an exciting project coming up with another Pornstar couple, Emily and Linda (LilTxs) . Which I'm very excited about as i think it's great to work with two sexy girls setting out to do what we do, and I'm sure it's going to be a lot of fun and you'll all enjoy it.

On top of all this, we're planning what we hope will be an exciting Autumn/winter of parties, events, and entertainment at Club Erotique. Which we hope can see regular parties for Pornstar's and opportunities to get filmed and photographed at the club.

See you all soon. xox

Keep checking the blog as we near the new movie release! :)

Sunday, 11 September 2011


Yep! I typed "Coming Soon!" without a mis spelling. That's how classy this Blog is!!! :P

Last week myself and Arwen modelled for an all action photo shoot to feature in the upcoming Halloween edition of Playmates magazine. By Jinx Jiersen.

Jinx released this "Teaser" pic on his Flickr pages. I have only seen a couple of pics so far, they are both lovely, and sexy. If you enjoyed Jinx's Pron photo shoot, you'll love this new set.

Of course, i won't be publishing more pics, or giving away the shoot details. I'll let this remain what it was meant to be......One big tease! Which as you all know, is a first for me and Arwen.


Although both myself and Arwen are from Southern England, not the USA. We would like out of respect to post a message of remembrance and give our best wishes to all those touched in any way by the events of 10 years ago.

One of the great SL Blogger's Eddie Haskell has written a wonderful piece about his personal memories of 9/11, which also covers in some part, the reaction to the events in the United Kingdom. Click Here.

Sere and Arwen. XX

Friday, 9 September 2011

Up Close and Personal

By Arwen Juneberry.

Like a lot of people in SL, I like to experiment with photography. Naturally erotic photography is high put not exclusively on the agenda.

Sere in the place she loves best!

With the onset of shadows technology in SL and the use of photoshop or gimp, the whole area of photography has come on leaps and bounds producing truly lifelike and artistic results.
However these developments although wonderful are no substitute to getting the basics right in creating a photograph namely good angles, proper positioning and suitable lighting. The range of lighting possibilities on Sl these days can provide a whole series of different moods and effects both for filming and photography.
Before taking a shot try out a range of different lighting effects in your environment editor. The same subject can look entirely different as you try different options.

Getting my just desserts.

Getting up close to your subject and experimenting with 360 degree views can give you many different interpretations of the same scene. Dont be afraid to try something unconventional after all if it the end result doesnt look good you can just delete it and try again.

Make sure you save your results to a file on your computer so that u do not pay 10$L every time and only upload the shots you want.

This article shows some erotic examples of pictures I have shot without any work done to them in Photoshop or any other tool but simply using the functions available in the SL viewer. I hope you find them stimulating in more ways than one.

Blown away.

Arwen x

Monday, 5 September 2011


A new Flickr Pic added this weekend to my pages! CLICK HERE FOR MY ADULT FLICKR PAGES.

The picture was only previously seen on the end credit of our latest movie "Pornstars and Proud" Which has just been re uploaded, and now playing again at Naughty Machinima. CLICK HERE!!!

Don't ask why i was hanging out in the Death Star naked. Let's just say Darth Vader felt something that day...something he'd not felt since.....:P

The corridor, and R2 D2 are both 3D models or "meshes". This image was composed with 3D Studio max and not shot entirely in SL. I also used Adobe After Effects to finish things off. Light saber was done in Photoshop and imported in to After Effects. I was "Green Screened" in.

I suppose this image although not entirely taken in SL, shows the possibilities of mesh in world, if both those elements could have been uploaded into SL. Both R2 D2 and the Corridor would have been a true 3D environment and object.

Hard Rust Said On Flickr...."I feel a disturbance in the force.. in my pants."

Sunday, 4 September 2011


I have to say a huge thank you to Muze, the site owner at Naughty Machinima. Despite some stressful, trying times and problems at that site recently, he still took time out to respond to my messages, and we worked to restore our first batch of movies which no longer played.

Pandora's Box, and Web Cam Voyeur are also both now playing once again! :)

I been working hard at things this week....to restore our broken movies.

After i told him i could now manage to upload a complete version of "Pron" and keep under the 200MB limit, he was very kind and combined the comments from the older 2 part upload, and then featured the movie in response to the viewers votes as it was now a 1 part feature! So, thank you once again Muze, and thank you to all that clicked feature! xx

Screen shot from Emee's section of Pron.

I'd like to say huge congrats to EmeeLee, who thoroughly deserves the featured status for her co directing on Pron. Also to everybody who appeared in Pron, and looked so amazingly hot, congrats you really all deserve to have this extended time under the spotlight.

Arwen get's to grips with her starring role with Serenity, 
in Jinx Jiersen's Pron production photography.