Friday, 9 September 2011

Up Close and Personal

By Arwen Juneberry.

Like a lot of people in SL, I like to experiment with photography. Naturally erotic photography is high put not exclusively on the agenda.

Sere in the place she loves best!

With the onset of shadows technology in SL and the use of photoshop or gimp, the whole area of photography has come on leaps and bounds producing truly lifelike and artistic results.
However these developments although wonderful are no substitute to getting the basics right in creating a photograph namely good angles, proper positioning and suitable lighting. The range of lighting possibilities on Sl these days can provide a whole series of different moods and effects both for filming and photography.
Before taking a shot try out a range of different lighting effects in your environment editor. The same subject can look entirely different as you try different options.

Getting my just desserts.

Getting up close to your subject and experimenting with 360 degree views can give you many different interpretations of the same scene. Dont be afraid to try something unconventional after all if it the end result doesnt look good you can just delete it and try again.

Make sure you save your results to a file on your computer so that u do not pay 10$L every time and only upload the shots you want.

This article shows some erotic examples of pictures I have shot without any work done to them in Photoshop or any other tool but simply using the functions available in the SL viewer. I hope you find them stimulating in more ways than one.

Blown away.

Arwen x

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