Tuesday, 20 September 2011


EDIT : First off i've had such nice feed back about the picture accompanying this post, on Flickr, and elsewhere. That i decided to run with it as a blog banner for a while. :)

Brit Girls Arwen and Serenity Ready to warm up your winter!!!

It's been a quiet time on our blog lately, but we've been very busy in Real life, and working on several projects in SL, one has taken up most of our time in Second Life, which is a brand new movie i'm putting the finishing touches too right now. Hopefully out this week! It began as a simple movie to get us warmed up for a big production we have planned involving a big cast, very much in the way "Erotique Paradise Isle" did. However, this "Simple" movie pretty much took over as we enjoyed it so much, and i feel it's as big in scope now as Pandora's Box!

I have still been posting over on Emanuelle Jameson's Second Life blog though, i hope you caught the great Hard Rust interview the weekend? If not go and check it out.

I also made new banners for this blog along with a little tweaked new look background, and a new banner for Stripped and Teased blog.

As you saw on the post below, we've posed for "Playmates magazine" which will be out next month i believe. We also have many photo shoots to do for photographers who have contacted us in world. Trying to fit it in with a busy RL atm is a pain though.

We also have an exciting project coming up with another Pornstar couple, Emily and Linda (LilTxs) . Which I'm very excited about as i think it's great to work with two sexy girls setting out to do what we do, and I'm sure it's going to be a lot of fun and you'll all enjoy it.

On top of all this, we're planning what we hope will be an exciting Autumn/winter of parties, events, and entertainment at Club Erotique. Which we hope can see regular parties for Pornstar's and opportunities to get filmed and photographed at the club.

See you all soon. xox

Keep checking the blog as we near the new movie release! :)

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