Sunday, 19 June 2011


The Future of Second Life 3D..Picture taken in Kirsten's 3D Viewer.

We're at a bit of a threshold right now with 3D Machinima and Porn. Our two 3D movies so far were made with the pretty awful "Dale Glass Viewer" which was based on a very early Second Life Viewer. Now we have the ultimately better Kirsten's Viewer supporting 3D, the sky is the limit!

Serenity In "Booty Call 3D"

Dale Glass Viewer was a nightmare but i did manage to shoot 2 movies. Booty Call 3D, and Erotique Encounters. These were simple sex video's for a couple of reasons. The viewer was just unreliable, i never wanted to invest too much time and effort in productions using it, because you coould literally login twice and not have the same hair rez, so continuity on a big project was in jepeordy. It also hated any modern sculpted prim, which limited locations and sets.

This could be the screen cap to make you consider buying Glasses..Arwen In Erotique Encounter's 3D.

So with Kirsten's in mind i hope those problems are behind us. However it may be some more time before i break away from more simple sex video in 3D as the audience is limited. We'll See what happens, and what feed back we get from our 3D projects.

I love 3D, it's fun, exciting, and if you ever do get glasses to watch our movies, we really do hope you get all we intended from those extra dimensions!

3D Glasses are very cheap on Ebay, or Play.com, and many other sites. Sun glass style 3D glasses i paid £1.00 for, that's around $1.60.

You may not know but several movies are out for your Blu Ray Player for the old style red/cyan glasses. You don't need the brand new 3D TV's to watch some big movies in stunning 3D. Avatar for example using the same system as our movies is mind blowing and well worth getting. Others include Alice in Wonderland, and Pirahna 3D ( for 3D boobs! ) mean just in case you don't want to buy 3D glasses just for Sere and Arwen..maybe Avatar might tip the balance! lol

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