Saturday, 11 June 2011


Return To Arwen's Cabana.

Arwen Juneberry and VanHelsing Svoboda star in : Return To Arwen's Cabana

This project was born out of me keeping some of the green screen video i shot for  "Erotique Paradise Isle" our first green screen movie.

The Fraps files of Arwen and VanHelsing, represented a much bigger shoot than the clips used in the large foursome sex scene in Paradise Isle, so i decided to see if i could refine the green screen looks even more, and make a whole new stand alone movie from them, it was also released in 720p HD, adding more to it's looks. The great thing about storing this shoot which was shot in a green screen studio was i could go back, add new HD back drops, and even colour tint the video and set half the movie at sunset. The result is a completely fresh look from Arwen and van's scenes in Erotique paradise Isle. Even though some of the scenes are the same as those used in that first movie.

The whole Paradise Isle project, and Arwen's Cabana is one i'm very proud of. Arwen and myself won 3 SEXIEST® Awards ( Second Life Porn Oscars ) for the project. I was also very proud to have inspired Natalie Xenga to make her recently featured at Naughty Machinima "BALI" movie with these films.

The result was i hope, a fun little movie and what i hope are scenes which look as nice to others as they did to me when i put it together. I think Arwen and Van look both romantic and passionate, especially at sunset. Me..I'm just in it to add some sort of shaky concept..and some comic aspect i guess. LOL

Serenity In Voyeur mode with her telescope!

Watch the movie, and see more screen caps after the JUMP!

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