Thursday, 18 September 2014

Erotique's Star Wars : Update #1

On the set. Louise and Serenity.

I thought I'd write an update for all those cast in the Erotique Star Wars movie, and any of you who may be interested in how it's going.

We're breaking the project down into chapters and taking them to a complete finish before moving on to the next one. Then I'll stitch these sections together at the end for a complete movie. So this means that rather than filming the whole thing, then settling down to edit and do visual effects, and sound and everything else you might want to do in post production i am doing it all bit by bit as i go along.

Unfortunately if we happen to have you slated for a later 'chapter' this means a bit of a wait I'm afraid, but we will be in touch and give you plenty of notice, most importantly you've not been forgotten!

The reason I'm producing these sections to a complete finish is, firstly the movie is quite complicated, and i want to know it all works before i move on, there is also an issue of Hard Drive space for me, and lastly the logistics are just so much that it helps to have things a little less daunting and approach it this way.

I'm really happy myself and Louise have a good story to tell, which throws up plenty of scope for fun, sexiness, and lots of must see Star Wars characters and elements.

I guess it's been in production now about a month, a lot of that time was spent on the opening scenes, which were pretty intense visual effects shots, and the traditional Star wars opening crawl and space scenes were a must to include for me and i wanted to get those right. We have just begun shooting the cast, with Ali and Partee looking amazing on set and now in the finished 'Chapter Two'. As things stand right now we have 6 minutes and 30 seconds of 100% completed movie.

I am very happy with the movie so far, loving working with Louise on it, really enjoying the building, shooting, and post production effects. Each Chapter presents a new challenge and is like a whole new movie.

Serenity. xox