Saturday, 30 July 2011

The Pron Project Goes Past 10,000 Views

I looked in on the various uploads of Pron this week, and was very pleased to see it had passed 10,000 views. This covers XTube, and Naughty Machinima. So big congrats to EmeeLee, Louise, Arwen, the many hot and sexy co stars and guest stars which all made the production possible.

The whole Pron Project consists of the joint co directed main movie. Plus the "Special Feature" animated slide show which i produced to showcase Jinx's production photography.

Pron At The Kitty Shack.

This week also saw complete versions of Pron uploaded at the "Kitty Shack" and "Slutload.Com". The larger upload limits at these adult machinima sites coupled with the H.264 codec getting the file to it's absolute smallest size, while still keeping the quality of the movie. Viewers can now watch the complete 30 minute plus movie in one go. This version is not as high quality as NM though. If you're looking to watch this movie for the first time, i'd suggest clicking the movie links top right of this blog.

I hope many other SL producers take a look at this site, it is layed out very well, and if it can host Pron in it's full running time, it should present any project you can throw at it.

If you are worried about the future of Naughty Machinima it's well worth investigating. For example, you could create your own movie production blog, embedding your movies hosted at "Slutload.Com". Releasing your movies in Pornstars group and steering viewers to your blog.

You can watch HERE Or below embedded from Slutload.Com.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

H.264 Codec - The Porn Producer's Friend

All the screen captures accompanying this post are from the H.264 720p Encode of Pandora's Box.

I'm afraid this is a techy post, not very hot and sexy at all, but i hope ultimately it will pay off! letting us see more sexy images and bodies on screen in great HD details!

H.264 is the name of a video codec ( in other words, the format you render, or save your video in when your project is complete. ) . With connections getting faster, and many of us now used to HDTV, Blu Ray Movies, faster PC's and all round higher quality, H.264 has emerged as a industry standard codec for downloading HD video online.

There is nothing worse than seeing your project looking so great on your own system, then having to have to shrink the video file, reduce quality, or settle for a poor second best when you upload, and show it to the world. H.264 could well be the answer to your problems.

I have told several SL Porn Producer's about this and passed on URL's. A stunning example of high quality via this was HaileyMarie Redrose's "Sultrina". Even though her project was a two part movie, the H.264 Codec still allowed her to present 15 minute plus running times in amazing 720p HD Video. So, i thought it was time to actually try it myself. I'm very lazy on this stuff, i read about it, tell others, but don't actually do it myself.

Also, i firmly believe we can make our SL Porn scene better for all by sharing these tips, and tricks, and helping each other. Maybe you read this knowing all about it already, but some may not. the same may go for some tricks you yourself use, I'm sure some of us don't know them, and we would be very happy and grateful to hear them.

Unfortunately, only half of Pandora's Box remains on my PC in HD, but i still felt it would make a nice first H.264 codec test. Amazingly, this codec is rendering video at higher quality, than the lower resolution copies i uploaded to Naughty Machinima at lower file sizes. An eight minute plus section of the movie came out at under 80MB. Which suggests you can produce a 20 minute plus movie in 720p HD Video for upload to Naughty machinima, keeping under the 200mb file size limit.

The H.264 encoder won't effect any of your present movie making set up. You just need to download it, install, and run your finished movie through it. It's free, and you can download it here...


I've been mentioning HD Video, but you'll see many options for the final file, including 3G video for mobile phones, smaller Internet video, Standard Definition, as well as 720p, and 1080p options. There is no configuring, or complicated, screen size sett ups or bit rate settings. Just load your final movie file, select the finished option and encode. I would highly recommend using the "Standard Definition" selection for any non HD movie, to bring it in under Naughty Machinima's 200mb limit without any loss in quality. Any 20-30 minute "SD" project will be able to be uploaded using this method.

I'm so gutted....i could have presented our movies in this way, but missed out. But i guess this is an ever evolving process, we learn and include things always, to make our projects better. I hope this can change how our movies are released in future, and i hope it helped you too. :)

Serenity. xx

Saturday, 23 July 2011



Google is your friend for going beyond WMM and staying with free software. You can still create even on a budget. You can even get two Serenity's! 

I've been asked a few times by other producers and interested parties on the SL Porn scene, how can i green screen, or make special effects for free? Or is there any free editing software other than Windows Movie Maker? Lot's of the best directors on our scene use expensive software titles, such as Adobe suites including Adobe Premiere and After Effects, or Sony Vegas.

The price of some software is unbelievably high. Many online take an illegal route to obtain software. But, i have found legal, free software which will allow you to produce a special effects laden blockbuster movie! Or just have fun with some creative test scenes or images.

The short answer to where you can find this free software is, "Google is your friend!" I'm far too nice, and far too inquisitive to say that, so i looked myself. A brief Google later i came across some pretty good software. So I'll add to that some free software i already know about. And try and steer you in the right direction.

VideoPad - Video Editing For Free.

GET IT HERE : http://www.nchsoftware.com/videopad/index.html

Even if you use, and are quite happy with Windows Movie Maker, I'd suggest getting this free award winning software. It is professionally laid out, user friendly, and offers nice transitions, dissolves, fades, and special effects which may offer some more variety for you beyond WMM. Being totally free there is no reason at all why you should not grab it.

If you are at all familiar with video editor's, or have used Windows Movie Maker, you should pick up how to use this software in minutes. It also has a very easy text / subtitle editor. An easy to use "Narrator" option too. Which you can play the video track as you record your voice narration.

I found VideoPad very stable, and much better to use than many software titles you have to pay for. When installing you are also given the option to grab a "Wav file editor" and a slide show maker for free also, i never tried these, but they could enhance your movie making further.

DebugMode WAX - Green Screening For Free.

GET IT HERE : http://download.cnet.com/DebugMode-Wax/3000-13631_4-10413350.html

When asked about green screening, i could only say to people, i use Adobe After Effects, or Sony Vegas. They often go and Google and come back with a "OMG!!! That's $600!!!".

So, i was interested to search, download, and experiment with a free software that let's you among many other cool things, green screen, and compose a video clip from Second Life shot against a bright green wall or inside a green box.

Here you can see me, playing with myself, quite literally! The sky is the limit when you can add green screen sequences into your movies.

Am i in trouble with the porn actress union? Casting myself with myself? But it demonstrates the diversity of green screening, and also special effects. They can play a role beyond just producing a sci fi spectacular, they can enhance every day mainstream porn. without costing you any money, or dodgy downloading! hehe.

If you've never green screened, or are unsure how to use this software, here is a Youtube tutorial for this actual program.


A little green screen project : Serenity's Casting Video.

Not  a public release at NM, just a silly little green screen test.

Sunday, 17 July 2011


Bottoms up! We say goodbye to sci fi for the time being. Serenity Kisses Ass!

With Pron all finished, and noticing Pandora's Box had been out 100 days already! Which i could not believe, i was kicked up the butt enough to finally edit the deleted scenes i had been keeping in my project folder.

These are mostly the product of when i shoot the animations from various angles, looking for the best shots, or simply having to keep an eye on the running time, and holding some back. Everything looked so nice on the movie set i kept going on and on. I wont do a deleted scenes, deleted scene movie..don't worry..i have not got everything i shot anymore! 

Unseen Pandora, also features a couple of tests for future projects, such as the star wars droid which appears in the movie, i wanted to experiment with combining Second Life scenes with meshes and 3d models composed into the shot from outside software. In this case the droid makes a flight through the forest during a camera flight.

Arwen is more then ready for it! Her close up that is!

I think all in all the deleted scenes make up a nice sex scene montage, one I'd be equally proud of if it featured in the original movie. Some close ups of Arwen are my particular favourite shots in this video.

Pandora's Box, and then Pron - The Encounter, marked two big movie projects taking up a big part of this year. With big production times, lots of special effects and innovations, they were quite intensive projects. I love the sci fi genre, and i feel this genre has a lot of mileage in it within SL adult machinima.

It allows you to experiment, and let your imagination run wild. But i don't want to create the impression it's the only direction we're going in at Erotique Productions, our next bunch of movies will be more earth based porn! We are giving Sci Fi a rest for now.

A Droid 3D Model / Mesh makes an experimental appearance.

In fact i think our very next project resembles more closely "Erotique paradise Isle". It'll be fun, sexy, and very hot. We also wish to take something from Pron, which was Emee's great work in involving a large cast, and make that a big part of our next movie. We hope to take our time on it, and have a blast working with some great people. The sets have gone up, and we're polishing the script and story right now.

We hope you enjoy a return visit to Pandora, from a slighty new perspective.

Serenity. xx

Saturday, 16 July 2011


Mr V ( Vanhelsing ) and Arwen in their award winning sex scene.

Erotique Paradise Isle was a strange movie for me for so many reasons. It began life as special effects test, testing out green screening on myself dancing. I was very pleased with the results and decided to expand it into a bigger sex scene. "Erotique Lesbian Beach" was the working title. I planned to invite several well known actresses into the green screen studio and just shoot a plain sex video with the real life beach back drops.

When the guys are AWOL..you just have to get inventive! Serenity and Emanuelle.

When the project began taking several weeks, i felt i should make more of an effort on a story, it was not fair on Louise and Arwen who had contributed so much to begin to build Erotique's reputation on movies. I felt i owed it to them to try and create a typical Erotique movie. So, chatting with Arwen one day, we came up with "what if it's not a lesbian beach? What if it only looks like one because all the guys are getting it on with Arwen!?" The lighter side of the story and all the plot development spawned from that. It all fell into place. I actually spent a Saturday editing, and logging into Second Life grabbing sexy girls like Faye, and asking them to do little scenes to make the story flow.

Hailey Marie ( in her first ever on screen appearance. ) Enjoys the company of Erotique Manager 
"Seductress Melody" 

I'm very proud to have given 5 people their first ever on screen role. Along side big stars like Emanuelle Jameson.

Looking back it was a crazy project, starting such a big movie when you don't even know if you can do it. It is exciting, and a challenge, it requires a lot creative thinking, and when the end result is something you're proud of, it ticks every single box in why i make movies.

Kareen, became one of many guest stars on the project. 

Louise built the decking on what become the real waters edge. We also rezzed a cabana in a little green sky box. I think the cast thought we were crazy. All this was to make the green screen effect easier and provide barriers between the SL action and the RL video blended in. A boundary Natalie Xenga has since thrown aside in her amazing "BALI" movie, where she had drop shows from avatars on the actual real world sand. I'm very proud Paradise Isle was acknowledged by Natalie for inspiring BALI, it was and still is a huge honour to feel any of our movies has done such a thing.

Louise Silverweb, Erotique Co Owner, and Production team member.

Erotique paradise Isle was nominated several times at the "THE SEXIEST® AWARDS". Arwen received a nomination for sexiest actress, she won sexiest sex scene, and i was shocked to win best director for it. I just think it was a fun, sexy, sunny, and novelty feature with the real life beaches that appealed maybe in mid winter for the awards. Whatever the reasons, the movie is one of my proudest moments.


Monday, 11 July 2011

Making Pron - Part 3


Louise Silverweb appears as a guest star, inside her acclaimed "Cyber Clit Club" Set.

Following my opening scenes, it was time to hand over the director's hat to Emee. My scenes ended with Serenity standing outside the "Cyber Clit Club" and i would not direct again on Pron, until the brief finale shots.

Now that's multi tasking! EmeeLee films and shows she can do two "jobs" at once.

When i faded from my last scene into Emee's bar scenes i was so relieved it worked, the contrasting action helped the fact we have two different styles and film two different ways. Emee's innovative searching camera pans and flight paths really placed us in the club itself and let us explore. Emee also managed a large cast so well, giving us a rich and very sexy list of bar patrons. I can't think of anybody doing more justice to guest stars and cameo appearances than Emee did in those bar shots. Everybody looked sensational, sexy, and hot. I think everybody involved was probably shocked they were not treated as run of the mill "extras" on Pron. They were stars in their own right due to Emee's wardrobe choices and movie directing.

All this played out inside Louise Silverwebs wonderfully constructed Cyber Clit Club bar set. Just as i was inspired on Pandora's Box to film inside Louises space ship and forest, Emee too made the most of this environment. I am happy to see several comments on NM, and to have received several IM's in SL regarding the movie sets, and am really glad people look into movies like this to notice what an important part it played.

Lastly, i can't begin to say how blown away i was with "The Encounter" between myself and Arwen. I got to experience both sides of a movie production on Pron. Directing a specific section. Then being purely an actress on Emee's scenes. I know i would never have filmed this sex scene in a style to rival Emee's, it was so in keeping with the futuristic atmosphere, and tone of the movie. It was sensual where it needed to be, and intense where it mattered. I thought my wife and Mistress Arwen looked stunning and suited her character so well, and i can't believe how i was made to look and portrayed.

I have been very lucky in my non directing actress roles, Nikolas Frederix, and Rayven Baily are hugely talented directors i was lucky enough to work with and was always proud of those movies, being lucky enough to be an actress on featured movies for them both. However, Emee pulled out all the stops, on only her second movie ever she's managed to show me at my best!

I've rambled on about this movie across two blogs, and through 4 blog posts now. So I'm wrapping things up, by saying a huge thank you to Emee, and Louise, and my beautiful co star Arwen. The great cast of guest stars, and the visitors at NM who have been good enough to comment and rate the movie and share their kind words.

Jinx Jiersen, the official "pron" Production Photographer, and Natalie Xenga. 

Watch the movie at Naughty Machinima.

More screen caps after the JUMP

Sere. xx

Saturday, 9 July 2011



Pron is out and now available for viewing at Naughty machinima! It has been a long time coming for all those involved. I think everybody involved though was at their very best. I was constantly impressed by everything, and everyone on the production. The large cast, the logistics of a co produced project, and wanting it to be as good as it could be meant it's had a long production time. However, i always feel if you enjoy something you should take your time, and why rush?


Solo at home..is just not enough for Serenity.

Included here are some screen shots from the opening part of the movie which i directed. I will be posting more pics from the movie in the next few days.

She begins her journey into a strange new digital world.

As a co director i produced the opening five minutes of the movie, setting up the main story, and producing the special effects needed to take Serenity's character on her journey to meet her "Cyber Lover", Serenity's sexy costume change, and then her return to our world. EmeeLee Rage took over the Director's hat once Serenity was well and truly immersed in the strange new digital world she had landed in. Exploring the "Cyber Clit Club" and everything beyond.

The level of erotisism generated by Emee was off the scale, both in the club exploring the guest actors sexual encounter's, and the main meeting between myself and Arwen. In both Emee's sex scenes, and Jinx Jierson's photography it was all a big turn on and a great veiwing experience, enhanced further still by the sets built and designed by Erotique's Louise Silverweb. Which set the perfect atmosphere and mood.

Luckily the the digital world has awesome sexy costumes!

Seeing Emee's work, and Jinx's Photography, made me relieved i had put the effort i had into the special effects, and my own little sexy scene alone in my apartment in the movie.

Serenity builds up the courage to enter "The Cyber Clit Club" 
Where EmeeLee takes over the directors chair.

Serenity's journey required lots of special effects, which i love doing. I am very much a novice, but grab any chance to add them to a movie and learn some more. I think there is maybe only a hand full of scenes which i produced, which do not feature special effects..and those that don't feature me with a sex toy..so maybe nobody will notice! Scenes range from a recreated Messenger/IM conversation on a laptop, to a big animated "Pron Gaurdship" taking off in the digital world. Lot's of green screen, lots of trickery, and i hope it all compliments Emee's great work on the main segment of the movie. I don't keep you waiting for Serenity's arrival too long, and i hope her journey is eventful, and eye catching, and you enjoy it all.

More Screen Captures after the Jump!

Friday, 8 July 2011

Sere & Arwen - On Fluffer Duty For Aurora!!!

It's official, myself and Arwen are "Fluffer's" on Aurora's big 50 Man Gang Bang! I have no idea what a fluffer is.. But I imagine it's something like fluffing up pillows...plumping up cushions making guys comfortable in the green room? something like that? It should be good clean fun and i'm happy to help.

Seriously, i hope this big event goes well. Emanuelle has been at the heart of creating some memorable times and celebrations for this group, and i hope other members can set up some other big community events and activities too. Just like Aurora is doing here.

We hope to begin a new series of Pornstar parties, and hopefully grab some impromtu video at these events, we've bought a TNT orgy bed and have it in place all ready!

Our new movie about to go into production for Erotique Porn productions. This will feature a very large cast and we hope will also get some real community spirit going.

Sere. xx

See the Trailer after the JUMP!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Making Pron - Part 1

We're Happy The Movie Was "Jinxed" !!!

When EmeeLee asked me to collaborate on a project it started out quite a simple little movie, but ideas got piled on and it's ended up being the longest movie i have been involved with, over 30 mins in length!

My job was to direct and film the opening scenes, and set up the story. This portion of the movie was also heavy on special effects and a big challenge. I did enjoy the challenge though, and i did manage to get my own sexy little show into the opening of the movie! Even though EmeeLee directed the main sex scenes.

The movie will be released later this week. But as a small little tease i am going to post several of Jinx Jiersen's "production" photographs throughout the week. These were taken by Jinx as myself and Arwen were filmed for the "Pron" Movie. They are fantastic photographs, Jinx is an amazing talent and i can't believe how he made us look. Thank you so much Jinx! xx

Serenity On The Grid - "Pron" Production Photograph

"Grid Babe" Arwen - "Pron" Production Photograph

Jinx's Amazing shadow work brings an extra element to the project.

Cyber Lover's On The Grid...what on Earth could possibly happen next!?

More Photographs Throughout the week.