Friday, 8 July 2011

Sere & Arwen - On Fluffer Duty For Aurora!!!

It's official, myself and Arwen are "Fluffer's" on Aurora's big 50 Man Gang Bang! I have no idea what a fluffer is.. But I imagine it's something like fluffing up pillows...plumping up cushions making guys comfortable in the green room? something like that? It should be good clean fun and i'm happy to help.

Seriously, i hope this big event goes well. Emanuelle has been at the heart of creating some memorable times and celebrations for this group, and i hope other members can set up some other big community events and activities too. Just like Aurora is doing here.

We hope to begin a new series of Pornstar parties, and hopefully grab some impromtu video at these events, we've bought a TNT orgy bed and have it in place all ready!

Our new movie about to go into production for Erotique Porn productions. This will feature a very large cast and we hope will also get some real community spirit going.

Sere. xx

See the Trailer after the JUMP!

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