Monday, 11 July 2011

Making Pron - Part 3


Louise Silverweb appears as a guest star, inside her acclaimed "Cyber Clit Club" Set.

Following my opening scenes, it was time to hand over the director's hat to Emee. My scenes ended with Serenity standing outside the "Cyber Clit Club" and i would not direct again on Pron, until the brief finale shots.

Now that's multi tasking! EmeeLee films and shows she can do two "jobs" at once.

When i faded from my last scene into Emee's bar scenes i was so relieved it worked, the contrasting action helped the fact we have two different styles and film two different ways. Emee's innovative searching camera pans and flight paths really placed us in the club itself and let us explore. Emee also managed a large cast so well, giving us a rich and very sexy list of bar patrons. I can't think of anybody doing more justice to guest stars and cameo appearances than Emee did in those bar shots. Everybody looked sensational, sexy, and hot. I think everybody involved was probably shocked they were not treated as run of the mill "extras" on Pron. They were stars in their own right due to Emee's wardrobe choices and movie directing.

All this played out inside Louise Silverwebs wonderfully constructed Cyber Clit Club bar set. Just as i was inspired on Pandora's Box to film inside Louises space ship and forest, Emee too made the most of this environment. I am happy to see several comments on NM, and to have received several IM's in SL regarding the movie sets, and am really glad people look into movies like this to notice what an important part it played.

Lastly, i can't begin to say how blown away i was with "The Encounter" between myself and Arwen. I got to experience both sides of a movie production on Pron. Directing a specific section. Then being purely an actress on Emee's scenes. I know i would never have filmed this sex scene in a style to rival Emee's, it was so in keeping with the futuristic atmosphere, and tone of the movie. It was sensual where it needed to be, and intense where it mattered. I thought my wife and Mistress Arwen looked stunning and suited her character so well, and i can't believe how i was made to look and portrayed.

I have been very lucky in my non directing actress roles, Nikolas Frederix, and Rayven Baily are hugely talented directors i was lucky enough to work with and was always proud of those movies, being lucky enough to be an actress on featured movies for them both. However, Emee pulled out all the stops, on only her second movie ever she's managed to show me at my best!

I've rambled on about this movie across two blogs, and through 4 blog posts now. So I'm wrapping things up, by saying a huge thank you to Emee, and Louise, and my beautiful co star Arwen. The great cast of guest stars, and the visitors at NM who have been good enough to comment and rate the movie and share their kind words.

Jinx Jiersen, the official "pron" Production Photographer, and Natalie Xenga. 

Watch the movie at Naughty Machinima.

More screen caps after the JUMP

Sere. xx


  1. Movie looks great!!! So hot too :)

    Mind sharing your graphics / capture set up for those of us aspiring to such high quality output? :) Thinking of picking up a new gfx card, was wondering what you're using :)

  2. EmeeLee captured the above views, she looks to have a wonderful PC set up, her pans were so smooth, and her view of the club looks amazing.

    I shot these...


    I have a less than top notch system, i try and get creative to get the bes tout of it. I have 4GB of RAM, Duo Core, and a 1GB ATI ( which until recently was awful for SL, but now seems to be running many of the latest viewers very nicely. ).

    If you are dealing with 720p maximum for your movie projects, don't forget you can assist in your capture by reducing the screen size of SL. Even HD 720p is a huge reduction from many peoples SL display ( mine in 1920 x 1030 ) which means for a DVD resolution movie of 720 x 486 you can shoot with a tiny window to aid lag and low fps.