Saturday, 16 July 2011


Mr V ( Vanhelsing ) and Arwen in their award winning sex scene.

Erotique Paradise Isle was a strange movie for me for so many reasons. It began life as special effects test, testing out green screening on myself dancing. I was very pleased with the results and decided to expand it into a bigger sex scene. "Erotique Lesbian Beach" was the working title. I planned to invite several well known actresses into the green screen studio and just shoot a plain sex video with the real life beach back drops.

When the guys are AWOL..you just have to get inventive! Serenity and Emanuelle.

When the project began taking several weeks, i felt i should make more of an effort on a story, it was not fair on Louise and Arwen who had contributed so much to begin to build Erotique's reputation on movies. I felt i owed it to them to try and create a typical Erotique movie. So, chatting with Arwen one day, we came up with "what if it's not a lesbian beach? What if it only looks like one because all the guys are getting it on with Arwen!?" The lighter side of the story and all the plot development spawned from that. It all fell into place. I actually spent a Saturday editing, and logging into Second Life grabbing sexy girls like Faye, and asking them to do little scenes to make the story flow.

Hailey Marie ( in her first ever on screen appearance. ) Enjoys the company of Erotique Manager 
"Seductress Melody" 

I'm very proud to have given 5 people their first ever on screen role. Along side big stars like Emanuelle Jameson.

Looking back it was a crazy project, starting such a big movie when you don't even know if you can do it. It is exciting, and a challenge, it requires a lot creative thinking, and when the end result is something you're proud of, it ticks every single box in why i make movies.

Kareen, became one of many guest stars on the project. 

Louise built the decking on what become the real waters edge. We also rezzed a cabana in a little green sky box. I think the cast thought we were crazy. All this was to make the green screen effect easier and provide barriers between the SL action and the RL video blended in. A boundary Natalie Xenga has since thrown aside in her amazing "BALI" movie, where she had drop shows from avatars on the actual real world sand. I'm very proud Paradise Isle was acknowledged by Natalie for inspiring BALI, it was and still is a huge honour to feel any of our movies has done such a thing.

Louise Silverweb, Erotique Co Owner, and Production team member.

Erotique paradise Isle was nominated several times at the "THE SEXIEST® AWARDS". Arwen received a nomination for sexiest actress, she won sexiest sex scene, and i was shocked to win best director for it. I just think it was a fun, sexy, sunny, and novelty feature with the real life beaches that appealed maybe in mid winter for the awards. Whatever the reasons, the movie is one of my proudest moments.


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