Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Making Pron - Part 1

We're Happy The Movie Was "Jinxed" !!!

When EmeeLee asked me to collaborate on a project it started out quite a simple little movie, but ideas got piled on and it's ended up being the longest movie i have been involved with, over 30 mins in length!

My job was to direct and film the opening scenes, and set up the story. This portion of the movie was also heavy on special effects and a big challenge. I did enjoy the challenge though, and i did manage to get my own sexy little show into the opening of the movie! Even though EmeeLee directed the main sex scenes.

The movie will be released later this week. But as a small little tease i am going to post several of Jinx Jiersen's "production" photographs throughout the week. These were taken by Jinx as myself and Arwen were filmed for the "Pron" Movie. They are fantastic photographs, Jinx is an amazing talent and i can't believe how he made us look. Thank you so much Jinx! xx

Serenity On The Grid - "Pron" Production Photograph

"Grid Babe" Arwen - "Pron" Production Photograph

Jinx's Amazing shadow work brings an extra element to the project.

Cyber Lover's On The Grid...what on Earth could possibly happen next!?

More Photographs Throughout the week.

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