Sunday, 8 July 2012


Power Girl and Wonder Woman : I'm not the director, but here's hoping for a scene like this!

We started being filmed for Alex Latino's new Erotic Super Hero movie "Wonder / Power" this week. I'm playing Wonder Woman, and Arwen is Power Girl. The movie has a fantastic cast, including Colleen Criss, EmeeLee Rage, Talhya, and Kanni .

It has been fun! Dressing up as one of my hero's, and seeing Arwen up close! Looking very sexy as "Power Girl" too!

The movie was previewed, Avengers style, after the end credits of Alex's last Batman movie. So if you watch that film until the end you'll see my appearance as Wonder Woman....

We're working on no less than 5 movies for other director's. All with varying styles and outlooks on the world of SL adult machinima. All have one thing in common, they love movie making for very genuine reasons, they are all very creative movie makers with the same motivations as ourselves to produce. They put everything into their projects. We're very happy to be involved with each production. Alex is big on previews and teasers, so expect plenty of updates as things progress. Some ban me from blogging anything about the production! ( which i totally respect, as i am the same with our own projects. )

Here is the very latest preview material from Alex, and you can read more info about the project in his latest post right HERE on his production Blog.

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