Friday, 24 February 2012


Jinx has released the final pics in the series on Flickr, and wow! What a climax!!!


I know he has some alternate angles of some of the poses, and i'm excited to see if those get released. However i could not be happier with this amazing photo shoot. I will always be patient and enjoy a shoot of the quality and class of this one. It really is erotic art of the highest order and i am proud to have played my part in it.

  Welcome to the darkside

The final image just blew me away...I think it looks very Star Wars, but very hot and erotic.  Thank you so much Jinx. *hugs*

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


I've uploaded our anniversary movie "Pornstar's and Proud" which celebrated us being in porn for 1 year last september. To SL Porn Tube. As part of my progress to get our whole back catalogue on to that site.

The movie has some new footage, ie me dancing on the movie set of the first movie we produced, The wrong Side Of Town.

The rest of the clips featured are really a highlights show, but presented in new ways with added visual effect. Such as the Super 8 style projection screen on the Sere & Arwen Retrospective chapter.

The movie clips featured include a couple of us as actresses for other directors, including EmeeLee Rages portion of Pron, and Nikolas Frederix's Californication Alley. Our own guest stars too appear, namely Mr V, and Emmanuelle Jameson.

Hope you enjoy the look back, to what was at the time our first year in Porn, from September 2010 to 2011.

Monday, 20 February 2012


I took a few snapshots during our recent Star Wars shoot with Jinx. He did such an amazing job of the project. I wanted a few pics myself to remember it all by.

Saturday, 18 February 2012


Arwen - Jedi
Sexiest Award winning actress, Arwen Juneberry Plays the Jedi.
Jinx Jiersen did such an amazing job shooting this Star Wars themed photoshoot, i felt it should be posted here. Just like a big movie production in SL Porn, a well produced, and high quality photoshoot often requires a strong concept, and every bit as much planning as a movie.

Serenity - Dark Lady of the Sith
Serenity Juneberry, the naughty Sith.
Force of Corruption

In this case the set was built and designed by Louise Silverweb, the photography, and pose selection by Jinx. Starring Serenity Juneberry as the nasty evil corrupting Sith, and Arwen Juneberry the innocent Jedi!

Laying Bare


Join Me!

Sunday, 12 February 2012


I'd like to say a big thank you to Keeley, who has yet again taken some great pics of us for her blog feature over at Emmnauelle Jameson's Second Life. The party was a lot of fun, and Keeley caught some great views of the guests and gives us a fun account of the party as always, take a look by hitting the link at the bottom of the postTY xx

Saturday, 11 February 2012


Arwen - Jedi
Arwen plays a beautiful, and sexy Jedi.
I've got a good feeling about this! Jinx Jiersen has released a first Preview pic of a new photo shoot we've done. I loved taking part in it, and so did Arwen. I'm not giving away any details, but i think you get the theme!?

I'm sure if only George had substituted Jar Jar for Arwen in a skimpy costume, then all would be right, and balance would have been restored to the force.

Thank you in advance Jinx!

Sunday, 5 February 2012


I really enjoy a Sunday morning in SL, relaxing and doing a project to unwind.  Today in Second Life i tried out the Niran's Viewer properly. I like the looks Niran's gives you right away. A sort of glowy appearance by default. I know many photographers like sharp contrast and details to paint on in photoshop, and then add their own glows etc later, but this is a great viewer for those not heavily into picture editing later on.

I also found Nirans is not great for pile up pics, with the glow on, as it makes the green or blue screens bleed into your avatar. Ruining the clean edge needed to key out the background. Our latest movie is shot in Nirans where possible, and other viewers for Blue screen scenes. I got very good frames per second on ultra with shadows in some pretty hot scenes. Looking forward to incorporating more into the move as it progresses.

Anyway..Here is my wander through my home sim, and what i get up to when i see the mini map is empty. LOL

Saturday, 4 February 2012


Jinx Jiersen's "Serenity - English Rose"
Both of us posed for Jinx this week. Looking at Flickr lately he's done some superb and beautiful work, and it was a pleasure to model for him again.

Have to say many photographers have done myself and Arwen proud this week, i can't remember a week where i've had so many really nice pics taken and released. Along with Grim's pre production shots for the movie "The Void" came these from Jinx, and the Sexiest award pics taken by Toran Babenco and Colleen Criss. I hope to include those here tomorrow, but want them to only feature on Emmanuelle's blog for today.

I really do love these pics!

Jinx's "Serenity - English Rose 2"
Jinx's "Arwen - Wild West Hero"

Friday, 3 February 2012


Serenity, Grim, and Arwen on the set of "The Void".
I've been a bit lazy in Second Life this week. Following the Sexiest awards i have had a few days just chatting and shopping, and enjoying my blogging at Emmanuelle's blog. We have a movie in production, and will be getting back down to work very soon. Nothing could make me feel more guilty for slacking though than this....

Interupting my laziness, a Director friend of mine Luther Blackburn aka Grim, told me he wanted to cast myself and Arwen in a very ambitious Erotic Sci Fi movie production, called "The Void". After seeing the production standards and amazing looks of his last movie, and a teaser trailer for "The Void".  I was excited right away. We spent yesterday getting my character and look together along with Arwen too.

Both of us feel Grim's work just shouts effort, pride, creativity, and skill. Already he's wowed many of us with the looks of his movies. However my admiration for his projects does not stop at these obvious looks. If anything having a PC capable of the looks he gets and yet still wanting to go the extra mile on set design, plots, character's, and polishing a movie to the extent he does just says a lot about him. As it would be the easiest thing in the world to just cast great looking avatars, find some nice wind light settings or light effects and just shoot sex, and accept the wows and congrats and easily impress us all. The reasons Grim wants to go beyond that, is the reasons both myself and Arwen are proud to be taking part.

As you know I'm also quite partial to the odd erotic sci fi movie too! Being on set yesterday was like seeing our avatars inside a high quality computer game environment. Luckily Grim's photography here is excellent, and demonstrates this, saving me a lot of typing and saving you a lot of my rambling. I will say though, these pre production pictures are a wonderful idea, aside from just looking wonderful in this case! They do help the director get things right in their head before embarking on a big project. I did them in both Pandora's Box, and Pron, and it gave me a great idea where the movie was heading in terms of lighting, and looks.

Having made two sci fi movies ourselves last year, and seeing how much they were enjoyed, combined with Grim's production standards evolving things to another level,  i think he's on to a real winner. We'll back him 100% and do all we can to make this a success.

See more stunning pics, and the "Teaser Trailer" after the JUMP!!!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Serenity. At the Sexiest Awards After party.  By Keeley Snowfall.
I have to say, Keeley Snowfall's photography at the Sexiest Awards after party on sunday was quite amazing work. When so many picture's of pornstars are posed, and very carefully set up it's no surprise some great pics are released. However, Keeley has none of that set up, she shoots on the fly, and captures some great shots.

You can see the rest by visiting her blog HERE.

The pic of me above is one of my favourite ever pics, and i never really knew it was being taken, aside from Keeley's rebake requests, which told me she was snapping the party!

We can all look forward to Keeley's party pics now at Emmanuelle Jameson's Second Life Blog, as she's just joined the publishing team as a Pornstar's party reporter. Which i'm sure is going to see well known names, and newcomers to the scene under the spotlight on Emma's blog.

Thanks Keeley, for a really lovely pic. :)

The Sexiest Awards Show and After Party Venue. By Keeley Snowfall.