Friday, 3 February 2012


Serenity, Grim, and Arwen on the set of "The Void".
I've been a bit lazy in Second Life this week. Following the Sexiest awards i have had a few days just chatting and shopping, and enjoying my blogging at Emmanuelle's blog. We have a movie in production, and will be getting back down to work very soon. Nothing could make me feel more guilty for slacking though than this....

Interupting my laziness, a Director friend of mine Luther Blackburn aka Grim, told me he wanted to cast myself and Arwen in a very ambitious Erotic Sci Fi movie production, called "The Void". After seeing the production standards and amazing looks of his last movie, and a teaser trailer for "The Void".  I was excited right away. We spent yesterday getting my character and look together along with Arwen too.

Both of us feel Grim's work just shouts effort, pride, creativity, and skill. Already he's wowed many of us with the looks of his movies. However my admiration for his projects does not stop at these obvious looks. If anything having a PC capable of the looks he gets and yet still wanting to go the extra mile on set design, plots, character's, and polishing a movie to the extent he does just says a lot about him. As it would be the easiest thing in the world to just cast great looking avatars, find some nice wind light settings or light effects and just shoot sex, and accept the wows and congrats and easily impress us all. The reasons Grim wants to go beyond that, is the reasons both myself and Arwen are proud to be taking part.

As you know I'm also quite partial to the odd erotic sci fi movie too! Being on set yesterday was like seeing our avatars inside a high quality computer game environment. Luckily Grim's photography here is excellent, and demonstrates this, saving me a lot of typing and saving you a lot of my rambling. I will say though, these pre production pictures are a wonderful idea, aside from just looking wonderful in this case! They do help the director get things right in their head before embarking on a big project. I did them in both Pandora's Box, and Pron, and it gave me a great idea where the movie was heading in terms of lighting, and looks.

Having made two sci fi movies ourselves last year, and seeing how much they were enjoyed, combined with Grim's production standards evolving things to another level,  i think he's on to a real winner. We'll back him 100% and do all we can to make this a success.

See more stunning pics, and the "Teaser Trailer" after the JUMP!!!

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