Sunday, 30 September 2012


Stranger On A Train has become the fifth Erotique Porn movie to get featured status at Naughty Machinima. I am very grateful to Muze the owner of the site. I know he's a fan of shorter movies, and from the wider world of Machinima, not just Second Life, and i'm just glad he thinks highly enough of ours to showcase them on the front page of his site. See the movie embedded from NM at the foot of this post!

Stranger On A train, joins Web Cam Voyeur, Pandora's Box, Pron, and Corruption Is Bliss as a featured movie. Erotique Porn is not the most prolific studio, favoring longer projecs and production times over weekly releases which is more the norm. So i'm glad the added shelf life provided by the feature link gives the movies some extra time under the spotlight, giving more people a chance to discover it. We try and make the movies entertaining and appealing to a wide audience, and hope they are enjoyed by those inside Second Life Porn, and those who may be just regular viewers, and maybe never heard of us, sl porn, or even never logged into Second Life at all.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012


At The Erotique Studio Pool. By Serenity.

Myself and Arwen have both been Flickr'ing this week, following our Walk of Fame shoot.Hope you enjoy these pics.

Arwen's Flickr.

Serenity's Flickr.

Serenity Messing About On The Water. By Arwen
Erotique Pool at Sunset, By Serenity.

More of Serenity Messing About On The Water. By Arwen.

Posing by the Pool. Serenity and Arwen. By Serenity.

Saturday, 22 September 2012


We've just celebrated 2 years in Second Life Porn for Erotique Studio's. To mark this occasion we've built a "Walk Of Fame" at Erotique Beach. The cast of our movies filmed during that time now have their own "Star" on our walk. Click Here to Visit The Walk Of Fame!!!

The walk has well known names, such as Emmanuelle Jameson, Krystall Pearl, and Kai Baby. As well as many other famous names from SL Porn! So if you ever appeared in one of our productions, or you'd like to see just who has, or you just fancy hanging out, and seeing our studio beach, and using its facilities use the SLURL links here to pay us a visit and see the Walk of Fame!

Sunday, 16 September 2012


Stranger On A Train is now playing at Naughty Machinima as well as SL Porn Tube. With the lower upload sizes at NM it was tricky to get a high quality version of the movie uploaded, due to it being 23 minutes in running time. However the copy playing is a very good quality SD one, and well worth checking out if you have had issues loading the 720p HD movie at SL Porn Tube.Which can happen if your system is tied up running Second Life!

Friday, 14 September 2012


The advanced preview picture for this set made the Sexiest of August contest over on the Pornstars Blog. Which gave a clue to just how hot and special this shoot was going to be. Arwen Juneberry and Hoobs on the beach at Erotique!

In Hoobs Words : While Serenity was off conducting business with Grim, Arwen gave me a call to come chill with her on the beach. Arwen decided that Serenity was not going to be the only one having fun. So I believe the result was.... Arwen took advantage of me.... :)

Lonely Arwen

Lonely Arwen

Lonely Arwen

Lonely Arwen

Lonely Arwen

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Read all about it....

Starring : Serenity and Arwen Juneberry, Louise Silverweb, Coco Silverweb, Kai Baby Barineaux, Katina Cazalet, Mirko Panacek.

This movie is really a return to the type of film we've done before in some ways, and loved very much. Such as Pandora's Box, and The Widow. Not the same in genre, but the same in feelings for us as a studio. If you've followed Erotique Porn Productions you'll know our production team consists of myself, on the filming, editing, and special effects side. Arwen as a producer, developing stories, and developing the movies style and looks, and plots. Louise Silverweb writes, or works with Arwen on the stories, in this case both of them collaborating. Louise is also of course our set and prop builder.

It is heavily inspired by a cinematic feel as the other movies mentioned are also. I always love the whole erotique team working together to produce a final movie, and this is firmly back to that.

Our last movie, Love Juice was a huge film, with a cast of 23! A chance to work with many friends and those we've wanted to film with in our two years in Second Life Adult movies. "Stranger On A Train" is an old fashioned Erotique film in looks and feelings for us as we produced it. Which goes back to basics but still has a cast of friends on board.

The movie incorporates many inspirations from real life movies, as well as things we like in Second Life. As a movie lover, and a producer who tries hard to think outside the box i love Alfred Hitchcock. Techniques such as zooming a camera lens in while rolling a camera back in his movies are just some of the genuis on show by him. Something i already tried to emulate in the finale of the Widow when Arwen produces the dildo cross! I've tried hard to emulate him further in this film. Hitchcock's movies are light years ahead of their time, and just so cool. Once we'd settled on Black and White, my mind leaped to old cinema, and Hitchcock.

The Second Life influence side i think comes firmly in the Burlesque show sequence. I've loved that whole scene in Second Life since it became popular. I think it's as close as you can come to making movies but "live in world" so i always have appreciated and admired the Burlesque shows. The "Shows" the girls put on are built from the ground up to entertain, and turn us on. The Burlesque girls in SL do an amazing job. For me the best of the best is my friend Kai Baby. Once we got the story worked out and we knew we were having this sequence we knew we wanted Kai to come in and choreograph that segment. I intended editing in part of the music track and dance routine, and maybe releasing the full music video as a stand alone project. However i loved it too much to cut! Huge thanks have to go to kai for her role in this movie, so much so she goes beyond actress to have a production credit on the end titles.

Why is it in Black and White? Two reasons. It helps set the atmosphere for the era we wanted it set in. It generates the feelings and mood we wanted, and also i believe it can help a virtual world appear closer to real world views at times with some of the artificial colours and scenes removed from SL imagery. many photo's on Flickr for example you have to look twice at if they are B&W and taken in SL to know they are not "real". I was also hooked on B&W porn movies since seeing Emmanuelle Jameson's movies such as The Beautiful Ones, which back in days prior to the many new viewer effects we have now managed to generate some stunning scenes.

Because past movies we'd worked on such as Pandora's Box, and Pron were Sci Fi movies and had many effects, they stood out as Special effects projects with space ships flying around etc. However this movie and Love Juice have just as many special effects, or in some cases far more than both those movies. using green screen to build scenes, creating walking shots, and making the movie bigger in scope, such as in the train carriage. The special effects in Stranger on a train are not there for the sake of it, or for showing off, i think they blend in and help tell the story and make it what it is.

Other inspirations on this project have been Nikki Arlington, who is a genius in SL film, ( And a lovely person! ). The way she presented Sketched, was truly amazing. The lack of dialogue in Strangers on a train allowed me to use the comic book style speech. Which helps keep the movie flowing, in contrast to Love Juice which was a movie which had a lot of text. If sketched passed us by without inspiring the way a land mark movie should it would have been a shame. If i was interested before in experimenting with SL video, Nikki has sent it up another notch.

I hope this film entertains in the way a regular movie does, with one foot in the porn genre too. I've never waited so long to include a sex scene on any movie before. The sexy Burlesque show in the films intro i think balances the project out, and hopefully it works. I also hope it keeps us on target to keep evolving and building on our projects. Each one opening up new avenues to explore and incorporate into the next.

We're in Second Life to pursue a fantasy, being movie makers, and film stars is one we share. Something i doubt we'll enjoy in RL, so we will always try and be that here if nowhere else!

Cast Photo's after the Jump!!!


Jinx took this picture of me which i really love. Take a look at his great Photostream HERE! 

It's me turning up to a movie premiere. Which is quite apt, as Erotique have a new movie out this week!

Yes! we've been hard at work on a new full on Erotique Production. It should be released before the end of the week, any day now. It's the main reason I've not blogged so much here with our content we've created, or updated my flickr recently. You can though look forward to lots to come when the movie is released.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Serenity and Arwen Juneberry. Wonder Woman and Power Girl.

Alex latino's latest project continued his Super Hero parody series. Which started with Batman, and now moves on to Wonder Woman ( Serenity Juneberry. ) and Power Girl ( Arwen Juneberry. ) Which if you watch each movie right until the end, after the credits, you'll know is building cinematicly, into a parody of the Avengers style hyped up teasers at the finale of movies like Iron Man and Thor. What could it be heading for I wonder?

True to Wonder Woman Mythology, Amazons in training! Katina Cazalet, Willow Onskan, Colleen Criss, and Kai Baby.

Some time ago i said to Alex, i would love to do a movie where we play these characters. I even did my own short solo movie as wonder woman. I am very pleased Alex managed to work this into his series.

Bad Girls. EmeeLee Rage as Zatanna, Talyha Sieyes as Cheetah.

As usual in "Wonder / Power" Alex aims high, works hard, and attracts a well known cast. He never goes for an easy option, and i always admire Alex's ambitious projects and the work which goes into each production. The sex scenes could just be "girls on beach having sex" but it is set in a wider context which requires a lot of effort and dedication, and a love of movie making.

Back to her Amazon roots. Wonder Woman, and Kai Baby.

We're all involved in this scene for many different reasons. Alex is involved because he loves to make movies like this, and enjoys an erotic fantasy Hollywood twist on his Second Life Porn.

Congrats Alex. See the official release post on Alex's Blog HERE.