Monday, 23 June 2014

Sere & Lou 'Sketched' On Android

I can't take the credit for these erotic sketches unfortunately. They are created purely by technology. On 'Portrait Sketch' a free, neat, and very easy to use App from Google Play Store. I found it recently in the 'Trending' section of the site, usually a good indicator of something pretty useful, or fun.

I was able to quickly download my Flickr images on the Android Tablet, and test 'Portrait Sketch' right away. Using some pics of myself and Louise.

There is lots of settings to experiment with, but even as a novice first time user, the simple interface makes nice results possible straight away. I feel they actually look like sketches far more than some filters on some expensive photo tools software I've used.

Have fun with it!

Monday, 16 June 2014

Wowmeh And The Brazil World Cup 2014

See it here on FLICKR!

With the World Cup under way in Brazil, I felt inspired to do a new Flickr pic. I hope you check it out at the above link. Also love the way this pic showcases the mesh Wowmeh body.

I'll use this space to have a little rant now....

LL really need to review things following the DCMA filed against Wowmeh. As you know they have had to cease trading. All over the Internet DCMA's are filed and we see things like Youtube links gone and all sorts of stuff taken down immediately. This also applies to items for sale on Market Place and in Second Life.

This is hot on the heels of bullying and harassment of Luck Inc, and the taking down of the Phat Azz, and other mesh bodies too. It seems somebody is against the whole notion of mesh bodies or rather mesh bodies made and produced by others. Somebody needs to use some common sense and see this is a vendetta?

I know LL are legally obliged to remove items when a copyright complaint is made, but the ease somebody can disrupt and ruin a business by just slapping in a DCMA and stifle an amazing product such as Wowmeh which was loved by many of us in the Pornstars group, and really on the verge of transforming things for us all is just ridiculous.

With it in mind that a spiteful person, with ulterior motive can use this tactic for harassment and trolling. LL need have a procedure in place to allow a quick pain free counter claim, to put the ball back in the court of the complainant, and let them walk the walk and take things to court asap if they are genuine, if not then business can resume as normal.

I feel sorry for anybody wrongly accused if this is the case, of copyright infringement and with a DCMA against them. We should put ourselves in their position and imagine how we would be able to deal with lawyers and a company in another country or continent in our daily lives. Some of us use SL on the down low, to suddenly have to fight a legal battle is a world away from what we came her for. It must be very difficult for some to have to give RL names and details and have things coming through the RL mail.

It is illegal to file a false DCMA, however if that person lives outside the country where it was all based, nothing really happens. Meaning it's an ideal tactic to disrupt something.

I hope the Wowmeh creators can be back in our Second Lives very soon. Even with big hitters like SLink about to release a mesh body and other big names, i feel Wowmeh is much loved already, well priced, and with a great service, i.e. the free life time updates, it will continue to make its customers happy and be there among the leading brands.

This mess needs clearing up, not only is Wowmeh and its customers effected, but anybody considering purchasing a mesh body in future will be wary now of committing, due to the fact their new buy could be pulled any moment just as the others have.

I hope the ball can resume rolling and we can have all those brilliant designers creating for us.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Louise And Sere 'Beach Bums'

Image By Louise.
Ok, this post is not all 'Bums'. I may have sneaked in other body parts too. They do all have one or two things in common though. They are all shot at 'Erotique Beach'. A place we love spending time and relaxing with each other and friends. Images are by myself, and Louise. With captions to tell you which.

Visit Louise's Flickr.

Visit Serenity's Flickr.

Enjoy. xox

Image By Serenity.

Image By Louise.
Image By Louise.

Image By Serenity.
Image By Louise.
Image By Serenity.
Image By Louise.
Image By Serenity.
Image By Louise.
Image By Serenity.