Sunday, 27 November 2011


I really cannot believe i finished editing the movie "Sere & Arwen : Get Dolled Up!" almost 13 months ago! It was a big movie for us, by far our most ambitious movie at that time. It was really the first time we made a set and developed a story and shot it.


The copy of Dolled Up! playing right now at SL Porn Tube is by far the best looking copy ever online. Well worth checking out, if busty blonde's doing really naughty stuff is your thing.

It's a special movie for me for many reasons it is the first true Erotique production. The first movie produced by our studio, and by myself, Arwen, and Louise.

When SL Porn Tube came along i thought it would be great to re upload some old movies, newcomers may not have seen them, some were lost at naughty Machinima, and the high quality and better upload facilities at SL Porn Tube mean it's great to get a fresh look at some older projects.

It's also good to see if you've evolved and progressed. Although i know we'd jump at the chance to make dolled up again today. The story is great, the concept we all loved, and still do.


Wednesday, 23 November 2011


We are really happy to have put together a brand new hangout, club house, and party venue for our friends and guests to enjoy. Sere & Arwen's Ranch is part of our Erotique Group, which has been providing many hot nights and a lot of fun for many years in SL. This is not a Night Club, or any traditional kind of club. It's got a care free, fun vibe going on and is pretty much anything goes! With plenty of spots to have fun with friends, partners, or strangers even! We love it, and have already had  a lot of fun there!

All Pornstar's are welcome. Bring along friends and guests too, the more the merrier. We will be hosting parties, but there is still lots to do even if you just land with a friend or two, or six ( if you visit the orgy bed! )

What have we got at the Ranch House?

A Outdoor Dance Area In The Corral, for parties and events. DJ's are welcome to contact us and Hostesses too for any number of parties, we want the place to be buzzing as often as you want. We're planning hot, fun themes and activities lots of which will be fitting for Pornstar's. Anybody can dance for tips at events in a freelance style,  on our sexy "7 Sins" dance balls.

Fun Spots and sex areas are in good supply with, a JR Sex Car, TNT Orgy Bed catering for seven at a time! Many HSF objects, such as Hay Wagon's, mail boxes, and sofa's. A Sex Pool table in the main building, and lap dance chairs. Out buildings too have sex engines including TNT hay piles!

We also offer a photography studio with custom back drops, or green screen. A studio we ourselves use and create many of the pics and movie scenes shot against green screen in our productions.

Another great feature of the complex is the cinema, playing adult movies, and the latest DVD releases. The Cinema Suite comes equipped with Sofa bed! Lap dance chair, Cadillac sex couch, and a girls box Lesbian rug. The Girls box being the engine used to shoot Pandora's Box, Pron, and Web Cam Voyeur movies.

We'll be posting more pics, and more info very soon, but i hope this has served as a introduction to our new playground!

Serenity & Arwen. xoxox


Sunday, 20 November 2011


Arwen sent me some pics she'd taken in our studio against the green screen some time back. So i stacked them on to some backgrounds for her and finished them off.

I love finishing Arwen off..Especially if she's stacked, and on top. :P

At the moment we're working on a new fun place for our friends and guests to visit, party, and hang out, which will feature the studio used here.

The studio and our house will be available for all visitor's to use and enjoy. We'll keep you posted right here.

Thursday, 17 November 2011


When the RL world collides and clashes with SL, ie while i waited for my washing machine cycle to finish before logging in. I was googling aimlessly, and did some fake magazine covers.

I know it's not exactly a new hip thing to do. But it can still be fun if you find a good site. :)

Sunday, 13 November 2011



Rache settles in to her new role.

Corruption Is Bliss is the first chapter of "Maid In The City". In the tradition of Erotique Porn Productions, it's a porn movie with a little plot woven in.

I'm very happy to release again at http://www.slporntube.com . Obviously the site is building up still, but we want to help support it, and help it gather pace. Traffic may be lower, however you still reach the core audience of the SL porn community, we still get great feed back, and it was amazing to receive 11 ratings on the last movie. Showing although the site gets less traffic than NM, it is viewed by active, interested parties within SL Porn. We make our movies because we enjoy it, and to make our cast feel special, and to entertain the people who are interested in us within SL.

Blondes do have fun, but i'm not complaining..I did ok too!
If you know me, you know i like to tick a few boxes when we do a movie, we like to feel we've built on the last project, in at least some areas. Which is not always easy if one movie has space ships and cg effects, and one is set in a SL home, but i do feel visually this offers a lot. There are many elements in the movie which i have tried for the first time. Personally I'm very happy with how the movie looks. Ranging from soft and glowy and pretty, to some very graphic scenes in a dungeon!

Do i look like i'm enjoying it?
This movie contrasts so well, i love it. I think that keeps it interesting and fresh from start to finish. I always wanted to try and generate some styles and looks i was experimenting with in some photography and have it in a movie. I believe that's happened in some scenes of this movie. Building on the scenes i was happy to produce in The Widow, and Twice Bitten, i think this one looks very pretty in places.

Arwen really gets stuck in to her role.
The co stars appearing with myself and Arwen were just fantastic, and a pleasure to work with. Rache looked perfect for her role, and I'm sure you'll agree looks cute, and innocent and sexy all at the same time. Lunedor, well...she looks just stunning, and formidable! I could not believe we were directing her in her first movie, the shoot went so well she's a natural. Just like many people we've met, Lunedor is a friend we've spoken about including in a movie for a long time. So please be patient with us.

Still want to be our Maid???

Just when you think you have corruption is Bliss weighed up, as some soft glowy Lesbian movie, things change dramatically. Rache and Arwen's script sent my filming off in a totally new direction, and a visit to Lunedor's dungeon offers a fresh perspective and plenty of hot action to keep the movie exciting.

Lunedor welcomes Rache to her Dungeon. 
A nice cosy Lesbian threesome gives way to the excitement of a BDSM dungeon. As Rache's new "personal trainer" puts her through her paces!

I think we'd all be making a face like that.
Lunedor and Rache contrasted wonderfully well on screen, it was a pleasure to direct them for myself and Arwen. When i filmed in the dungeon i could have gone on all night, so many options and so many exciting toys and scenes to capture!

Maid In The City : Corruption Is Bliss, may not have space ships, or big effects scenes that previous Erotique movies have had, but i still feel it manages to be big in scope. And of course, it has the usual big sex scenes you are used to with an Erotique Porn movie. I feel i did Arwen justice too, making her look hotter than ever!


See more screen shots after the jump!!!

Saturday, 12 November 2011


Arwen, Rache, and Serenity. The movies opening lesbian threesome.
The past couple of weeks has seen us hard at work on new movie. I think it manages to be sexy, sensual, graphic, and all action too. Expect the movie to be released any day now. It's around 20 minutes long. It's not  a special effects extravaganza, but i'm really pleased with the look of it. I have always wanted to capture some of the looks i've managed to get on my flickr pics, but have it play out in a movie. I feel on this film that's been achieved in many places. I'm very happy we managed to make another movie that's once again very different to the last. Corruption is Bliss is a porn movie with a plot. A typical Erotique Porn production.

Lunedor 's Porn debut. Makes the screen sizzle.

The movie stars Pornstar Rache, and a friend of ours who really is not a Pornstar member, but is a true star through and through, "Lunedor Oryl". Her prescence on the screen is about as stunning as you can get. Lunedor is both powerful, and sexy in this movie! This along side Rache's pretty, and innocent looks is quite a amazing contrast.

Warming up for action. Serenity and Arwen.

I guess nobody could keep me and Arwen down for too long. We sat out the last movie "Once Shy, Twice Bitten" and left it to our cast to do an amazing job on that one. However we're back in the saddle on "Maid In The City - Corruption Is Bliss" In a threesome lesbian scene. Playing two total bitches! ( yes we can act! We're adorable and cuddly as you know. )

Lunedor, and Rache. What a trooper Rache is! Scenes with Lunedor, Arwen, and myself, she kept on going and showed true devotion to the art!


Arwen captures a beautiful self portrait. .
Arwen posed for some pics in the Erotique Swimming pool, and in the sea at our studio beach. We both snapped away on them. Not only did it produce some great shots, but it was very interesting to see the results from both of us, and the different styles we were going for.

Arwen's Flickr

Serenity's Flickr

My photographs tend to be more movie direcror, and i thought this would make a lovely pic.
Arwen's get in close on her self. What a lovely picture! With nice subtle shadows
I really love the sea floor we created at Erotique. Only one thing makes it even more stunning...Or is that two things? This pic by Serenity.
Arwen, by Arwen. Look at that glistening coconut oil!
Arwen, by Serenity. It's all going on here, above and below the water.

See more after the JUMP!!!

Monday, 7 November 2011



No details, just a preview pic to wet your.....appetites. We're hard at work on a new movie. We have several projects in development, some small, some with a larger cast required too. Which we hope to begin soon, and feature many of our friends and those people we'd just love to work with again, or for the first time.

On the set of our new movie. Sere and Arwen in full on director mode in the background. It looks like we're not the only ones excited about this movie!
I'm still in the first phases of post production on this movie, but i hope it will be released very soon. I use the logic that if it gets me going while i edit, we have a hot movie on our hands! So far i've seen some of the hottest scenes myself and Arwen have have produced.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Pixel X Awards : Part 2

Following our announcement that we were withdrawing our nominations yesterday, it appears that despite our polite request the organisers of the Pixel X competition are refusing to take us off the nominations list and accusing us and others who have done the same as chickens.

It is sad that such people should resort to the language and actions of the kindergarten.

So be it. We don't need a competition organised by a self serving magazine editor  to promote ourselves ..we stand by the quality of our films.

We will not vote or canvas any support in this competition. If by the slim chance any of us does win a category the money will be donated to breast cancer relief. And we will find an independent observer to verify that.

We leave others to judge our motives.

Arwen Juneberry.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Pixel X Awards

The announcement of the Pixel X awards recently has caused a great deal of controversy in Pornstar circles. It has inevitably spawned those whose soul objective is to win the cash at all costs and resulted in fraudulent and rigged votes.

Whatever the object of the competition organisers, and their generosity is not inconsiderable, the premise of such a competition based on an X Factor like voting system results in a popularity contest rather than one which recognises real talent.

Winners tend to come from those people who have the time to invest in getting their friends list or fellow group members to vote or some categories become a target for those wanting to register a protest vote against a certain candidate as has become the case in a couple of categories.

Whilst recognising that holding such contests can be fun as long as people take them for what they are.  In this emotion ridden sector it inevitably generates a degree of bad feeling

We have always prided ourselves in trying to stay remote and neutral from the drama that exists in the group and have therefore decided to withdraw both our nominations from the contest.

This is not done from bitterness as we are quite well placed in a few categories but we believe by withdrawing at this early stage we will have a limited effect on the overall competition.

Good luck to all nominees and have fun.

Sere and Arwen x