Saturday, 5 November 2011

Pixel X Awards : Part 2

Following our announcement that we were withdrawing our nominations yesterday, it appears that despite our polite request the organisers of the Pixel X competition are refusing to take us off the nominations list and accusing us and others who have done the same as chickens.

It is sad that such people should resort to the language and actions of the kindergarten.

So be it. We don't need a competition organised by a self serving magazine editor  to promote ourselves ..we stand by the quality of our films.

We will not vote or canvas any support in this competition. If by the slim chance any of us does win a category the money will be donated to breast cancer relief. And we will find an independent observer to verify that.

We leave others to judge our motives.

Arwen Juneberry.


  1. We didn't nominate ya! We ain't even voting any more! Lol our objective has always been the same. To find out who is who and what is what. And we are finding out plenty. Attempts at cheating are irrelevant as ballot stuffing is easily remedied. We are finding out who has a motivated following (FANS) and who does not. You seem to. We don't care who wins caws we never heard of most of ya. If there's any drama attendant with our Lil contest, WE OF ALL PEOPLE DON'T CARE ABOUT DRAMA!

  2. ''We of all people don't care about drama''

    1. If this were true then you would respect the wishes of anyone who does not want to be involved with you or your 'contest'.

    2. Virtually every post on your blog is either drama or an attack on someone.

  3. I am the Pixel X Awards version of "Schrödinger's cat" I'm banned from leaving the contest..and not allowed to be included all at the same time!!!

    ( they say they "forgot" to add me to the Director's category! after being nominated and listed on the site prior to the voting. Oh my..How ever will my fans express themselves! *sobs* )

  4. Some folks fail,utterly, to realise that there are people in Second Life who do the things they do for the sheer love of it, or for the fun factor.

    It's no big thing to make someone like Serenity or Coleen look gorgeous, they already are, filmakers and photographers just highlight it.

    There are definately people involved in and around the porn scene in SL who are legends in their own minds, & in votes or polls that shows up very well....they're the ones canvassing for it. All it creates is ill feeling and drama, as the fallout from the Porn Awards last year shows.

    We don't need it, we don't want it and we don't care.