Friday, 4 November 2011

Pixel X Awards

The announcement of the Pixel X awards recently has caused a great deal of controversy in Pornstar circles. It has inevitably spawned those whose soul objective is to win the cash at all costs and resulted in fraudulent and rigged votes.

Whatever the object of the competition organisers, and their generosity is not inconsiderable, the premise of such a competition based on an X Factor like voting system results in a popularity contest rather than one which recognises real talent.

Winners tend to come from those people who have the time to invest in getting their friends list or fellow group members to vote or some categories become a target for those wanting to register a protest vote against a certain candidate as has become the case in a couple of categories.

Whilst recognising that holding such contests can be fun as long as people take them for what they are.  In this emotion ridden sector it inevitably generates a degree of bad feeling

We have always prided ourselves in trying to stay remote and neutral from the drama that exists in the group and have therefore decided to withdraw both our nominations from the contest.

This is not done from bitterness as we are quite well placed in a few categories but we believe by withdrawing at this early stage we will have a limited effect on the overall competition.

Good luck to all nominees and have fun.

Sere and Arwen x


  1. An honourable decision considering all the circumstances.

    One's own personal integrity must always take first place in any contest. That is the real prize; all else is secondary.

  2. One glance at the people who are winning tells you instantly that it's rigged.