Saturday, 12 November 2011


Arwen, Rache, and Serenity. The movies opening lesbian threesome.
The past couple of weeks has seen us hard at work on new movie. I think it manages to be sexy, sensual, graphic, and all action too. Expect the movie to be released any day now. It's around 20 minutes long. It's not  a special effects extravaganza, but i'm really pleased with the look of it. I have always wanted to capture some of the looks i've managed to get on my flickr pics, but have it play out in a movie. I feel on this film that's been achieved in many places. I'm very happy we managed to make another movie that's once again very different to the last. Corruption is Bliss is a porn movie with a plot. A typical Erotique Porn production.

Lunedor 's Porn debut. Makes the screen sizzle.

The movie stars Pornstar Rache, and a friend of ours who really is not a Pornstar member, but is a true star through and through, "Lunedor Oryl". Her prescence on the screen is about as stunning as you can get. Lunedor is both powerful, and sexy in this movie! This along side Rache's pretty, and innocent looks is quite a amazing contrast.

Warming up for action. Serenity and Arwen.

I guess nobody could keep me and Arwen down for too long. We sat out the last movie "Once Shy, Twice Bitten" and left it to our cast to do an amazing job on that one. However we're back in the saddle on "Maid In The City - Corruption Is Bliss" In a threesome lesbian scene. Playing two total bitches! ( yes we can act! We're adorable and cuddly as you know. )

Lunedor, and Rache. What a trooper Rache is! Scenes with Lunedor, Arwen, and myself, she kept on going and showed true devotion to the art!

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