Saturday, 5 July 2014

One Sere Two Lou's

The great thing about Second Life is the way you can constantly evolve and modernize your looks, myself and the person most close to me my wife Louise have really evolved the looks we had many years ago, when we met each other and before that too. We are really updated versions of the Av's we have always been.

Of course, Second Life also gives you the opportunity to go in any directions you wish with your looks for fun, or whatever reasons you may have. It is really a thrill to spend time with a lover after a session like this! I'm very lucky, Louise's red head day to day look is my most favourite in all of Second Life. Stunning, and a classical beauty. But we also both love to dress up, and have the novelty of a brand new look at home or out some place fun.

I thought this would make a good subject for a shoot, and using some photo trickery, and Photo shop I posed with two Louise's at once! Also shooting them individually below. I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

Look out for these and more pics on my Flickr Right HERE!

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