Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Serenity's Flickr Modelling Shots.

 I don't pose that often, but i was thrilled to be asked by two photographers i very much admire. Trysten  ( above ), who has very much emerged this year as one of the top guys out there on the erotic photography scene.

And Copernico Ferraris ( below ). Who i have followed, and featured on The Pornstars Blog as Sexiest of the day and month. So i was thrilled to pose for him with Louise and Katina.

Huge thanks to them both. xox

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Serenity's Flickr Update : November

Two of me. 'Mistresses Girls'

I don't get to update here very often. The Pornstars Group, and Blog taking up most of my time, with the odd Flickr upload in between. So i thought i'd bring anybody not on Flickr, or who missed them up to speed.

Presenting a small collection of my latest Flickr Uploads.

Hope you enjoy. kisses.

My picture of Louise. 'Beauty In The Storm'. Pose by Mirko Panacek.

Katina Cazalet. From My BCA shoot.
Serenity. From My BCA shoot.
Louise Kristan-Faulds. From My BCA shoot.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Sere's Sweetie Of The Day - June Berry.

I had a very hot time hooking up with, and shooting Super sexy 'Sweetie' 'June Berry' last week. So much so i had to make her my 'Sweetie of The Day'! Even though these pictures don't show it, I can assure you, one thing led to another.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Join Our Blue Gallery @ Erotique

Blue Erotique Gallery 1

Fresh from hosting The Sexiest® Pornstar Of July exhibition. The Erotique Gallery now has a general themed event. "Blue". Absolutely any picture inspired by Blue is welcome. Anybody can submit a picture at any time during the event and we'll host it and show it in the gallery.

Opening the Gallery exhibition today, unreleased, never before seen photo's from : Erika Thorkveld, Jewell Shinja, Mirko Panacek, Spirit Eleonara, Chrissy Zipper, Chloe Nicole, Jadelyn McAuley, Eva Brunswick, Kei Frequency, Sweet Melons, Junah, Rachel Swallows, Coco Silverweb, and Louise Silverweb, Serenity Juneberry, and Tatiana Easterwood.

More to follow, as anybody is welcome to add to the line up, any time.

Blue Erotique Gallery 3

As with The Sexiest® Pornstar Event, we'll be sharing any donations with the photographer of the winning picture. As judged by a panel we appoint at the close of the exhibit.

Blue Erotique Gallery 2

Pictures featured in the Blue event, must be unseen, and unreleased on Flickr, Blogs, or online. Contact myself ( Serenity Juneberry. ), or Louise Silverweb in world, for more info, or to submit a pic. Also check out the Erotique Blog HERE.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Serenity On Flickr : By Lou, Jinx, and Fahye.

Some recent pics i was very lucky to model for. If you like them, please click on any of the pics below to visit the Flickr versions. Included here are some by the wonderful and very talented Louise Silverweb, snapping me in the window. Then the awesome Jinx Jiersen shot me in a Spice Girls inspired, British tribute! Lastly the lovely Fahye grabbed a pic of me relaxing on our beach at Erotique. I had no idea the picture was taken, it was a nice surprise.

Thank you all i appreciate them so much. Wonderful work.

Serenity. xox

Seductive B&W



Jaw Dropping!

Jaw Dropper!


Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Kirsten Smith Shoots My Curves!

Serenity - Curves,Lines and Shadows 4

I got the chance, and a window opened up for me to pose for one of my long time favourite Photographers Kirsten Smith, i was very happy!

I landed on a well designed set, with superb lighting, Kirsten had done a lot of hard creative work before i even arrived. Making this shoot possible considering our times and opportunities don't always overlap too often. That was half the work, and i was delighted with the rest when i saw the results.

Many thanks Kirsten, and i hope you enjoy her pics.

Serenity - Curves,Lines and Shadows 2

Serenity - Curves,Lines and Shadows 3

Serenity - Curves,Lines and Shadows 1

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Erotique Gallery and Studio : Open Right Now

Come and join us on Sunday July 7th For our grand opening Party at 1.00pm SLT. Or drop in when you can. We're open right now!

Our brand new studio has been in use a little, Louise has been turning out some awesome pictures, and it sits just above our Gallery, which opens today officially. Launched in grand style though, on Sunday with our regular party being moved there to celebrate. The upstairs Studio also incorporates the "Pornstars Walk Of Fame" Stars. Which you may remember, gives a star award for each cast member of our Erotique Porn Movie Productions.

The pictures exhibited in the gallery right now were invited for the launch, and cover 12 photographers on our scene. You'll find info vendors there permanently informing you how to get your pictures featured. Primarily that's simply by uploading to our "Erotique Reflections" Flickr group. Once your pic is in that group, it's submitted to the gallery.

Our DJ Yana will be there today and our regular Sunday Pornstars Party will be moved for one week only to the Gallery for the grand opening! Look out for SLURL's and party invites in The Sexiest® Pornstars Second Life Group. So make a date Sunday July 7th 1.00pm SLT!

No, i'm not a permanent Exhibit! I'm just doing a picture to show the gallery.

The Studio

We have installed a brand new studio set up, which gives us far more flexibility in the range and type of shots we are able to produce. The recent popular 'Sere in the grass' shot is one example of the images we have shot.

We are fully equipped with a range of poses, lighting and background options which gives us the ability to try any concept or theme.

We love trying new ideas out so however off the wall your idea give us a try and we will see what we can do.

We're accepting clients right now for studio shoots. Just contact Louise Silverweb, or Serenity Juneberry in world.

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sere In The Grass

Sere in Grass

This was a very special picture to me. Taken by Louise Silverweb. In our new photo studio, it also was the first Erotique picture to pass 50 favourites on Flickr ( 54 at the time of this post. ). Louise deserves all the compliments and accolades going for her amazing work, and photography concepts. I'm proud to work with her and be part of the team.

Click the image to go right to Louise's Flickr Stream.

TY. xox

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Round Up! What are we up to?

My first pic in our new studio.

We've had a busy time recently at Erotique redesigning and rebuilding parts of the parcel. New beach, and a new Studio, plus a Gallery to be opened shortly! So no movies on the horizon just yet, following Vibrations in Time, and Wet Weekend. Arwen, Louise and myself all want to enjoy doing some pictures in our new studio, and we also want to come up with some events, and party activities too at Erotique. We have many hot, and exciting ideas.

I am also busy editing over on The Pornstars Blog too. You can also follow some of the happenings at Club Erotique on the Erotique Blog Here!

So here's that round up of what we have been doing lately.....

Posing for Mirko Panacek on his series of pictures by Boris Vallejo. Where Mirko places SL models into that artists work. We all love this project and it was a pleasure to model for it.

Resurrecting the old Bounty Bar TV commercial for Jinx Jiersen! Below.

I posed for the lovely Louise Silverweb. My best friend, Mistress, and Erotique Co owner.

 I also was lucky enough to capture Louise myself in a beach photo shoot. While we were out scouting for our new Erotique beach. Some of my all time favourite pictures which I've produced. You can see my Flickr Set HERE!

keep watching our blogs, and we'll see you soon!

Serenity. xox

Sunday, 26 May 2013

New Movie Release : Erotique's "Wet Weekend"

Wet Weekend ( Love Juice Remixed. ) : Directed By Serenity Juneberry.

Colleen Criss and Jinx Jiersen. Set the tone.

 "Wet Weekend" was a bit of a first for me and a strange project. A film that was not actually filmed during this production, in one sense. All the video ( except for some back drops i filmed recently for the production. ) was shot over a year ago for the "Love Juice" project. Which was over an hour of second life porn i battled with producing, featuring a cast of 26!

Kai Baby and Serenity Junebrry. Getting wet.

Among the video shot was a lot of the cast against blue screen, the versatility of having those clips has allowed me to go back into my archives and produce a movie with brand new scenes, and new looks using footage captured over 12 months ago. In the Love Juice movie myself and Kai were in a sunny resort and a hotel room, now 12 months on we're on a rainy dock thanks to Blue Screen.


Arwen Juneberry.
Kai Baby Barineaux.
Krystall Pearl.
Serenity Juneberry.


Louise and Coco Silverweb.
Emmanuelle Jameson.
Colleen Criss.
Jinx Jiersen.
Alisha Cedarbridge.

 The project began with me simply wanting to re edit the main Sauna sex scene from Love Juice and re release it. Featuring myself, Arwen, Krystall Pearl and Kai Baby. A lot of people liked those scenes as it featured such sexy, well known girls such as Arwen, Kai and Krystall, and i always wanted to make it as good as it could be. Now hope i have. Plus it now sits as more of a prominent centre piece, rather than part of a very long 35 minute movie.

Arwen Juneberry and Emmanuelle Jameson. Showing the quality of Maid Service at the Hotel.

Wet Weekend has some fun clips, and some great cameo appearances from some of the many cast members shot for Love Juice. However this is stripped right down, in more ways than one, to a simple little plot, and a very hot and steamy sex scene.

Louise and Coco Silverweb. Whose home was the inspiration for the video theme. With Serenity.

The idea came from Louise and Coco's house in second life and the amazing thunder storm they have off shore at their place. Which i filmed to place the blue screened actors against. It got me thinking about switching everything around from Love Juice which was set in a sunny idyllic tropical paradise. I thought, we're sexy Pornstars, we can have  a hot fun weekend whatever the weather. So why not have it raining, and awful weather, and experiment with some effects to portray it. It makes a nice change i feel.

I hope you enjoy the video, it's not meant to be an epic story, it's really just  a vehicle to showcase the re edited sauna sex scene, which really is one of my all time favourite moments in Second Life Porn, re visited, and me having some fun and experimenting.

Krystall Pearl and Serenity get steamy.

Hope you enjoy watching this strange blend of old and new. With a star studded cast!


Maid to perfection! ( groans. ) Arwen Juneberry with Kai Baby.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Wonder Woman Flickr Pics ( Plus Bonus Blog Image. )

If you've seen my Wonder Woman set for the Hotties Project on Flickr, then the above image will still be new as it's a Sere and Arwen Blog exclusive!!! You can all "Woot" now, or later, i don't mind.

Wonder Woman is my all time favourite Super Hero, much Like Princess Leia she is a great character and role model for "Girl Power". Portraying women as much more than just shallow characters who need a man to come to their rescue. ( yes i know Princess Leia needed a short Stormtrooper to come to her rescue but you know what i mean. ).

Nostalgically, i loved Linda Carter as Wonder Woman too. When i was very young, in the late 70's Wonder Woman was a big hit show on TV and i never missed it. So, here i am....

Click on any pic below to visit my Flickr Stream.

Serenity : Wonder Woman 3

Serenity : Wonder Woman

Serenity : Wonder Woman 2