Sunday, 28 August 2011


If you want people inside the Second Life Porn community to see your movie then Naughty Machinima is great, so too is Kittyshack. if you want to reach a wider porn loving community then "Slutload.Com" among many other regular porn video sites can be a good option. Emanuelle Jameson has movies with up to 150,000 views at Slutload.Com, Quinn Ying also has one nearing 100,000 views. It's great to think so many people have enjoyed your work. We have two video's now passed 30,000 views at that site.

I'm very proud the people who run that site consider our movies worthy of featured status in among RL porn and all manner of hot RL porn actresses and actors. It seems this site does embrace and recognise SL Porn. So you can also become ambassadors for our porn scene in SL by introducing it to the wider world of internet porn! ( my prediction is porn is going to get quite big on the internet any time now! So why not be in on the ground floor!!! )

Emanuelle's "The Beautiful Ones" has over 150,000 views at Slutload.com!

You get a great quality embed for your blog, or for releasing on Stripped and Teased, or Emanuelle Jameson's SL Blog. Hosted on a site with huge resources, reliability, and with larger upload limits ( I uploaded Pron in great quality to Slutload.com with a running time of nearly 32 mins ) .

By simply changing the "height and width" in the embed code you can display your movie at full resolution on your blog. The movie below was made to be presented in SD ( Standard defination ) 640 x 480. It's great to be able to present it that way below, on our own blog.

So here is our latest release, hosted, and embedded from Slutload.Com. Hope you enjoy. :)


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