Monday, 1 August 2011

2 Pic's - Getting To Grips With Flickr

I never got around to uploading to Flickr much, but uploading the Motivator Poster's to Ema's Sexiest group for the blog got me into it. I am now enjoying messing about with some photography. So i decided to look at it more seriously, and start uploading more and enjoy some more photography experiments.

I'm not the greatest photographer, i have loved making the movies though, and i hope to enjoy learning and applying some of the movie making side to still images. I'm sure it'll be fun. I think blogging, Flickr, photography in general, as well as movies plays a huge part in our scene and community. 

The producers of the big movies are not the only people contributing and keeping our corner of SL alive and thriving and full of fun. Have fun with all you do on the SL Porn scene. That's what SL is all about after all.

Arwen, at Club Erotique Resort.

 I was trying to do a new profile pic here. Once Jinx saw it, he offered to put his 
amazing skills to work on it.

So, you can see my hair is fixed, and things are more rounded off. TY Jinx!


  1. I already love your videos, and i will surely love you postings on flickr, may they be just raw uploaded or edited ;o)

  2. So, true. Not all of us have the time/resources to make films, but we can contribute in other ways!