Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Serenity's Desert Dream's

ironically, i usually just dream of "Dessert's" :P

However, I do love desert landscapes too though, so i expect a lot of this type of photograph in the future.

I am trying out new techniques here which will likely also cross over into movie making too. I think some photography projects will allow me to step back take a look at things, and try and bring some more creativity to movies. Often it's tempting to tell a story and go from A to B without as much artistry as you could possibly do. I always like to put some effort into how a movie looks, but it would be amazing to bring in some real photography looks and feel to a project.

Among the highest compliments i have received was from Emanuelle Jameson, who wrote that in Web Cam Voyeur many scenes you could screen grab shots, and hang on the wall as pictures. I think if you let that be your guiding principal in movies then you cannot go far wrong.

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