Monday, 22 August 2011


Some new cut away dance moves on the old movie set feature in act 1

This movie was a fun editing, and visual effects project, and i found it quite moving at times also, lots of nice memories, and it's given me an appetite for the second year on the SL porn scene too.

A screenshot from "Sere and Arwen's Retrospective" Act 2

It was fun to edit, and try and put a fresh look to a retrospective view of the work we've done in the past twelve months. The inclusion of 3 of my favourite all time songs helped make it special for me. Especially Amy Winehouse's opening  to the movie. She was incredible and a legend! The middle "track" i must admit i got a bit tearful watching when i was done too. lol

The weekend i pulled out the "Wrong Side Of Town" movie set and did a dance routine in there for new cut away scenes for this one. There will be more shot on this set very soon! I thought a sequel to my first movie would be very fitting. But this movie is a nice way to mark our first year while "the wrong side of town 2" starts production.

The movie has three acts, or "Tracks" to be more correct. A look back at "Wrong Side Of Town" with the dance routine added, Sere and Arwen's Retrospective" projector show, and the faster paced "Pornstar's" finale.

The end credits i also liked putting together, some recent Flickr featured photography, an unreleased picture on my "special effects" credit too which i loved doing. Also a chance to thank people who gave me some amazing movie roles, took amazing pictures of us, and gave me a warm welcome and introduction to SL porn a year ago. :)

I hope you enjoy the movie, and a look back with a bit of a freshen up and new styling.

Serenity. xox


  1. Congrats! You're hands-down one of the very best and I'm looking forward to what you have in store for year 2! :)

  2. I think I said it all on Ema's blog, two sexier women in SL dont exist, I was glad to be around for the whole year xxx