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Erotique Production Team Member & Co Owner : Louise Silverweb

An often underrated feature of making a good looking movie is the set and location. You can decide on the theme of your movie and wander around SL looking for a suitable location and you may be lucky but in such areas permissions, traffic and other factors are usually out of your control. This is why at Club Erotique Productions we try to do our own set design and build wherever possible. In this way we can build something to suit the directors exact needs.

I work very closely with Sere and Arwen when discussing a new movie to try and establish exactly what look they want for their movie theme and between us we come up with ideas for the sets. Some are more complicated than others.

Serenity Juneberry's special effects combined with Louise's set in "Pandora's Box"
The making of Pandora's box was a particular headache. The design of the spaceship interior needed to match Seres graphics for the outside shots and the selection of suitable textures was critical. I have to say the right texture can really make the film stand out. Along with this we had to ensure we designed in suitable doors and portals which could be shot against green screen for the outside shots.

Louise's "in world" mechanical build in the green screen studio. Blended with Serenity's special effects and camera work
The biggest nightmare on that movie was the weightless sex scenes. Sere told me what she wanted to achieve so we came up with the tools , a 360 degree green screen box and a lesbian sex engine which I modified to include a rotation script. Simple you might say but to achieve the flowing movement we had to keep modifying the speed of the rotation and resyncing the positions. So that wonderful erotic end result had a few false starts.

Serenity on Louise's church set in the movie "The Widow"
Like Real life movie sets the sets I build here are all about the facade. As long as it looks good for the camera that's all that counts. Most self-respecting builders would shiver if they wandered around the back of the sets. But as I think the sets on Pandora, Pron and The Widow proved its the end results that counts.

Louise, on her bar set for the movie "Pron - The Encounter"
 I never throw anything away after the movie is finished. Many objects can be re-textured and re-used. The futuristic bar in Pron was originally a wooden cocktail bar at Club Erotique but retextured using shiny metal textures and a few additions it looked great as the focal point for the bar scene

No doubt in the new year new  movies will present new challenges, but i love doing it and to see the results is a real buzz.

Louise Silverweb.

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