Sunday, 1 January 2012


Our recent movie "Maid In The City - Corruption Is Bliss!" was recently made a featured movie at Naughty Machinima.

 I'm really pleased about this due to the added time the movie can now receive showcased at the site. With our co stars Lunedor, and Rache in mind this is a good thing for them, as they fully deserved it, and looked so good on the film, Arwen i felt looked very sexy! Quite photo realistic too in some shots, her looks were just fun and a pleasure to film of course!

In many ways Corruption Is Bliss is the best looking Erotique movie so far in my opinion. It may not have the big effects scenes like Pandora's Box, or Pron, but it is a good looking film, featuring some of the processing techniques I've used on my Flickr photography. With two distinct feels to it, the soft lesbian scenes, followed by the hot Shemale BDSM sequences it hopefully manages to stay pretty  fresh all the way through.

I'm looking forward to a healthy New Year for SL Porn, with SL Porn Tube going strong, and now it appears Naughty machinima has it's troubles behind it, with visitors being able to view, and members being able to upload once again without troubles. ( More healthy than me right now, with a cold..I am trying a mixture of Brandy, and Lemsip..seperate glassses i'm not one to spoil Brandy! )

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