Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Wonder Woman Flickr Pics ( Plus Bonus Blog Image. )

If you've seen my Wonder Woman set for the Hotties Project on Flickr, then the above image will still be new as it's a Sere and Arwen Blog exclusive!!! You can all "Woot" now, or later, i don't mind.

Wonder Woman is my all time favourite Super Hero, much Like Princess Leia she is a great character and role model for "Girl Power". Portraying women as much more than just shallow characters who need a man to come to their rescue. ( yes i know Princess Leia needed a short Stormtrooper to come to her rescue but you know what i mean. ).

Nostalgically, i loved Linda Carter as Wonder Woman too. When i was very young, in the late 70's Wonder Woman was a big hit show on TV and i never missed it. So, here i am....

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Serenity : Wonder Woman 3

Serenity : Wonder Woman

Serenity : Wonder Woman 2

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