Sunday, 26 May 2013

New Movie Release : Erotique's "Wet Weekend"

Wet Weekend ( Love Juice Remixed. ) : Directed By Serenity Juneberry.

Colleen Criss and Jinx Jiersen. Set the tone.

 "Wet Weekend" was a bit of a first for me and a strange project. A film that was not actually filmed during this production, in one sense. All the video ( except for some back drops i filmed recently for the production. ) was shot over a year ago for the "Love Juice" project. Which was over an hour of second life porn i battled with producing, featuring a cast of 26!

Kai Baby and Serenity Junebrry. Getting wet.

Among the video shot was a lot of the cast against blue screen, the versatility of having those clips has allowed me to go back into my archives and produce a movie with brand new scenes, and new looks using footage captured over 12 months ago. In the Love Juice movie myself and Kai were in a sunny resort and a hotel room, now 12 months on we're on a rainy dock thanks to Blue Screen.


Arwen Juneberry.
Kai Baby Barineaux.
Krystall Pearl.
Serenity Juneberry.


Louise and Coco Silverweb.
Emmanuelle Jameson.
Colleen Criss.
Jinx Jiersen.
Alisha Cedarbridge.

 The project began with me simply wanting to re edit the main Sauna sex scene from Love Juice and re release it. Featuring myself, Arwen, Krystall Pearl and Kai Baby. A lot of people liked those scenes as it featured such sexy, well known girls such as Arwen, Kai and Krystall, and i always wanted to make it as good as it could be. Now hope i have. Plus it now sits as more of a prominent centre piece, rather than part of a very long 35 minute movie.

Arwen Juneberry and Emmanuelle Jameson. Showing the quality of Maid Service at the Hotel.

Wet Weekend has some fun clips, and some great cameo appearances from some of the many cast members shot for Love Juice. However this is stripped right down, in more ways than one, to a simple little plot, and a very hot and steamy sex scene.

Louise and Coco Silverweb. Whose home was the inspiration for the video theme. With Serenity.

The idea came from Louise and Coco's house in second life and the amazing thunder storm they have off shore at their place. Which i filmed to place the blue screened actors against. It got me thinking about switching everything around from Love Juice which was set in a sunny idyllic tropical paradise. I thought, we're sexy Pornstars, we can have  a hot fun weekend whatever the weather. So why not have it raining, and awful weather, and experiment with some effects to portray it. It makes a nice change i feel.

I hope you enjoy the video, it's not meant to be an epic story, it's really just  a vehicle to showcase the re edited sauna sex scene, which really is one of my all time favourite moments in Second Life Porn, re visited, and me having some fun and experimenting.

Krystall Pearl and Serenity get steamy.

Hope you enjoy watching this strange blend of old and new. With a star studded cast!


Maid to perfection! ( groans. ) Arwen Juneberry with Kai Baby.

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