Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Round Up! What are we up to?

My first pic in our new studio.

We've had a busy time recently at Erotique redesigning and rebuilding parts of the parcel. New beach, and a new Studio, plus a Gallery to be opened shortly! So no movies on the horizon just yet, following Vibrations in Time, and Wet Weekend. Arwen, Louise and myself all want to enjoy doing some pictures in our new studio, and we also want to come up with some events, and party activities too at Erotique. We have many hot, and exciting ideas.

I am also busy editing over on The Pornstars Blog too. You can also follow some of the happenings at Club Erotique on the Erotique Blog Here!

So here's that round up of what we have been doing lately.....

Posing for Mirko Panacek on his series of pictures by Boris Vallejo. Where Mirko places SL models into that artists work. We all love this project and it was a pleasure to model for it.

Resurrecting the old Bounty Bar TV commercial for Jinx Jiersen! Below.

I posed for the lovely Louise Silverweb. My best friend, Mistress, and Erotique Co owner.

 I also was lucky enough to capture Louise myself in a beach photo shoot. While we were out scouting for our new Erotique beach. Some of my all time favourite pictures which I've produced. You can see my Flickr Set HERE!

keep watching our blogs, and we'll see you soon!

Serenity. xox

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