Monday, 2 September 2013

Join Our Blue Gallery @ Erotique

Blue Erotique Gallery 1

Fresh from hosting The Sexiest® Pornstar Of July exhibition. The Erotique Gallery now has a general themed event. "Blue". Absolutely any picture inspired by Blue is welcome. Anybody can submit a picture at any time during the event and we'll host it and show it in the gallery.

Opening the Gallery exhibition today, unreleased, never before seen photo's from : Erika Thorkveld, Jewell Shinja, Mirko Panacek, Spirit Eleonara, Chrissy Zipper, Chloe Nicole, Jadelyn McAuley, Eva Brunswick, Kei Frequency, Sweet Melons, Junah, Rachel Swallows, Coco Silverweb, and Louise Silverweb, Serenity Juneberry, and Tatiana Easterwood.

More to follow, as anybody is welcome to add to the line up, any time.

Blue Erotique Gallery 3

As with The Sexiest® Pornstar Event, we'll be sharing any donations with the photographer of the winning picture. As judged by a panel we appoint at the close of the exhibit.

Blue Erotique Gallery 2

Pictures featured in the Blue event, must be unseen, and unreleased on Flickr, Blogs, or online. Contact myself ( Serenity Juneberry. ), or Louise Silverweb in world, for more info, or to submit a pic. Also check out the Erotique Blog HERE.

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