Thursday, 22 September 2011


The widow started out a simple little project, a warm up to take us into a bigger film we had planned. However, we loved the concept, and the costumes, the set was so inspirational for filming on, and Arwen's story was so much fun we just kept throwing in ideas. it grew into a movie we totally enjoyed making.

 I was very pleased to do a project that did challenge technically, with plenty of visual effects. Visual effects of a different feel than the sci fi ones seen in Pandora's Box, and Pron.

I guess horror movie scenes these days are the biggest effects movies next to sci fi, and The Widow has a foot in that camp. It was a lot of fun to put those effects scenes together and try some new things. The movie is broken into 3 parts. Each quite different. The first quite atmospheric, the second i hope is down right sexy! The finale is designed to be firmly tongue in cheek, with a huge helping of melodramatic, old style movie matinee feel.

It was amazing fun bringing Arwen's story to life. On Louises great church set, and alter. Any movie where the whole team at Erotique Productions all contribute so much to produce the movie will always go down as a memorable one for me.

I get some hot scenes with an amazing guy, a close friend, Luke Lancaster. It's been a long time since i appeared on screen with a guy, not intentionally, just how the stories and roles have worked out on previous movies.

I spent a long time with Luke filming. So it's lucky i love him to bits, he was so great, and always has been to both me and Arwen. Luke ticked all the boxes for this role, he's patient, hot, and has an avatar which is not OTT in any way, which is very important for me.

Arwen is just looking so hot and horny, and plain naughty as the action unfolds too! ( so yes..type cast again! )

I remember being blown away by the atmosphere, and feeling generated in movies such as The Omen, I hope the opening of the movie gets at least a fraction of that. The sex scenes are, shall we say comprehensive? LOL. Ranging from good old fashioned porn style, to what we hope is something fitting for the environment it's set in. I think some of it looks quite heavenly, and beautiful. I hope by the end you feel like you've watched somebody make love, and have hot passionate impromtu sex.

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