Sunday, 17 July 2011


Bottoms up! We say goodbye to sci fi for the time being. Serenity Kisses Ass!

With Pron all finished, and noticing Pandora's Box had been out 100 days already! Which i could not believe, i was kicked up the butt enough to finally edit the deleted scenes i had been keeping in my project folder.

These are mostly the product of when i shoot the animations from various angles, looking for the best shots, or simply having to keep an eye on the running time, and holding some back. Everything looked so nice on the movie set i kept going on and on. I wont do a deleted scenes, deleted scene movie..don't worry..i have not got everything i shot anymore! 

Unseen Pandora, also features a couple of tests for future projects, such as the star wars droid which appears in the movie, i wanted to experiment with combining Second Life scenes with meshes and 3d models composed into the shot from outside software. In this case the droid makes a flight through the forest during a camera flight.

Arwen is more then ready for it! Her close up that is!

I think all in all the deleted scenes make up a nice sex scene montage, one I'd be equally proud of if it featured in the original movie. Some close ups of Arwen are my particular favourite shots in this video.

Pandora's Box, and then Pron - The Encounter, marked two big movie projects taking up a big part of this year. With big production times, lots of special effects and innovations, they were quite intensive projects. I love the sci fi genre, and i feel this genre has a lot of mileage in it within SL adult machinima.

It allows you to experiment, and let your imagination run wild. But i don't want to create the impression it's the only direction we're going in at Erotique Productions, our next bunch of movies will be more earth based porn! We are giving Sci Fi a rest for now.

A Droid 3D Model / Mesh makes an experimental appearance.

In fact i think our very next project resembles more closely "Erotique paradise Isle". It'll be fun, sexy, and very hot. We also wish to take something from Pron, which was Emee's great work in involving a large cast, and make that a big part of our next movie. We hope to take our time on it, and have a blast working with some great people. The sets have gone up, and we're polishing the script and story right now.

We hope you enjoy a return visit to Pandora, from a slighty new perspective.

Serenity. xx

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