Thursday, 9 June 2011


Sere & Arwen With Director Nikolas Frederix

As all our movie bits plus lots of other bits vanished, along with the old blog, i wanted a record of our times in SL Porn here in the archives of our all new blog. So over the next few weeks I'll be recapping with the series of Movie Retrospectives. First out...are two movies we never directed..but appeared as actresses on. One in fact was the first time myself and Arwen had both appeared together in actress only mode! All that free time on a shoot..i never knew what to do with myself! Much :P

We made two movies with Director Nikolas Frederix earlier this year, one went on to be a featured movie at Naughty Machinima, "Rooftop Delights" the other i was more proud of, "Cali Fornication Alley" seemed to pass by without as much attention.

Nikolas impressed me with his film making style, and looking back he was a real pioneer of the Kirsten's viewer, shadow and depth which is now becoming part of mainstream film making at Naughty Machinima.

Watch us in plain old actress mode after the JUMP!

Rooftop Delights

Cali-Fornication Alley

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