Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Sere & Arwen - Get Dolled Up!

When we got to making "Dolled Up!" we had each done a solo movie, and both worked on "The Interview". The Interview was our first attempt to tell any kind of story, building on just themes and scenario's on our first two movies. Dolled Up! was our first big, full scale story movie. I'm really proud of it, and love it for many reasons. One being it really built and established Erotique Porn Productions as a team. With Louise writing the amazing story line and building the sets with me, Arwen working with me on the photographic side of Directing.

Sere Dolly In Action!

This is also the first movie where when i edited it, and did post production i added visual effects, as in the finale scene. Techniques which i later used in Web Cam Voyeur and Pandora's Box.

Arwen takes it like a good Dolly!

To me it's a sexy movie, with a strong theme, two innocents having their minds released to become pleasure seeking bimbos! Was really a metaphor for letting your hair down and doing your thing in SL.

Anth Jupiter Plays the Evil, Dom Scientist..Can he cope with Sere & Arwen on sexual "over drive" !?

It was interesting, both myself and Arwen gave Dolled Up! as an answer when we were interviewed for Emanuelle's Blog recently. When asked what our favourite role was. We both loved the dressing up, and playing a character. The Lola's Boobs were fun too!

Unfortunately, this movie was hosted at Naughty Bitch Machinima, and had to be re uploaded at Naughty Machinima later. Meaning the nice comments, and ratings people were kind enough to give us have now gone..but i hope in time the movie gets noticed again even without those attached any longer.

See more screen caps..and watch the movie after the JUMP!

Watch "Sere & Arwen - Get Dolled Up!" Below.

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