Monday, 13 June 2011

Recruitment at Erotique - Have You Got What It Takes?

Are you ready to join the staff of one of the top escort clubs in on SL?
To be considered for this position you need to have.
- A beautiful avi with good skin and shape. Our girls are seen as some of the most beautiful in SL
- Good communication and Emoting skills. Our girls must interact professionally with clients and get to know their personal needs. Cut and pasted emotes or emote huds will not be allowed.
-A proven track record working in escorting and dancing.  Clients need to be worked for. We do not want girls who come to the club and expect us to spoon feed clients to them. Girls will have to show evidence they can bring clients to the club.
-Loyalty and honesty in respect of all the clubs rules and arrangements.
In return you get to work in exquisite surroundings offering a variety of locations to you and your clients. Erotique is a long established club having been set up over 2 years ago.
We are a renwoned pornstar event venue and have many leading pornstar actors as residents on the sim.
We have various staff requirements

Staff Categories

Madames:1 Vacancy

Essentially the Madame is responsible for overseeing the general well being of the club by promoting traffic through the club and recruiting girls to meet clients expectations. She is also responsible for the day to day running of the club ensuring staff obey club rules and dealing with unruly clients.
She will also work with the owners providing ideas to improve the club and helping with club events and projects.
Specific Duties
Promoting the Club Socially
Handing out Applications
Providing potential clients with LMs
Recruiting and training new girls
Working with Owners to suggest potential Ad sites
Designing rotas and plans for efficient manning of club.

In return, the Madame will earn 100% of tips. The percentage paid tot he club will be rebated back to her at the end of the month. Tips will be monitored by the owners


Resident Escorts

Escorts paying 350$L a week will be entitled to live at an Erotique Loft and use it to take their clients. They will also get a free Adboard outside the strip club. They will earn 80% of all tips made at the club. Any income made from taking a client back to their loft will be their own.

 General Escorts

These are Escorts  employed by Erotique who do not want to rent a loft. As with Resident Escorts they will earn 80% of tips in the main club buildings. Private Escort duties will be performed in the club escort suites. All monies must be paid through the suite tip jars from which the Escort will receive 70% of the takings. Any failure to do this will mean instant dismissal from the club.
Erotique Dancers
These are Dancers who do not wish to perform escort duties but merely wish to strip for clients. These dancers will recieve 80% of the tips they make in the general club areas.

You can click below, and TP to pick up an application right now...

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