Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Serenity at Home : What am i up to?

Amagaad's..So busy atm. Pornstars Blogging, Sexiest Head Judge, Shooting for Nikki Arlington's amazing new movie, and all the other usual activities. I am trying to find time for photo shoots, movies, and other projects. Realistically i won't begin a new movie until after the Sexiest Awards. We do have a couple planned though.

I managed to take these impromptu pictures, which was me fitting my new mesh eye lashes, and having a little free time to grab a few shots. I also managed to do a Super Bowl pic for Pornstars Blog.

We also did a comic book shoot for Alexus Minotaur, out this month, managed to do some publicity shots for Sexiest Awards, but it has been hectic. I'm looking forward to directing again, and doing more Flickr projects.

Serenity. xox