Saturday, 28 April 2012


A long time coming! Our new movie is nearly completed, and should be out this week. It is a huge project, due to a very large cast, and the way the film was put together. It would have been even larger and a even bigger cast, if my hard drive had been bigger! As i had to call a halt to filming due to running out of space. It will be our longest movie yet, and we're billing it "An Erotic Feature Film".

These preview pictures feature Kai Baby, with Arwen, and i think give a mouth watering tease for the upcoming film. The pictures are screen shots from the movie, which Jinx Jiersen then took delivery of and processed in photoshop. Jinx really added the icing on the cake and made these yummy shots even better.

The movie stars Kai Baby, Arwen Juneberry, EmeeLee Rage, Krystall Pearl, Emmanuelle Jameson, Luke Lancaster, and me Serenity Juneberry. It differs however from anything else we've done before because it also has a companion video released along side it. Which stars the cameo, extras, and guests stars from the first film, and the stars from the first movie take a back seat as everybody involved on the project gets the spotlight. News on the full cast list in the next update here on the blog. I assure you the main cast listed above is just the tip of the ice berg!


  1. This will be a movie than I'll truly enjoy to watch, my dear Serenity. With the beauties included on it(the sensual Arwen, the impressive Serenity, but especially that sexy and hot black girl named Kai Baby... yummy, I'm her fan), it is a top priority film to observe. Can not wait for it.