Saturday, 18 August 2012


If the post title never gave you a clue, we're busy at the moment. Arwen, Louise, and myself have been getting our photography studio up and running doing lots of shoots and arranging many more for clients coming to Erotique for photography. This was made even more hectic by a Sim relocation this week. If you'd like to find out more, contact Arwen Juneberry, Louisered faulds ( aka Louise Silverweb ) or myself, Serenity Juneberry in world.

Dancing at Club Erotique! Parties are on!

We're also arranging some parties and events at Club Erotique, soon to be 2 or 3 weekly parties happening there. Pornstars are of course welcome. You can get the SLURL for a TP in Second Life HERE! Remember we've relocated, so grab the LM!

As for movies, we're very busy on that side of things too. We're in the middle of a brand new Erotique Porn Production. After the huge 23 person cast of the Love Juice project, this new movie is more intimate, but it is quite grand in scale still. It does not feature a huge cast, but does include some friends, including Kai Baby! If i was comparing it to other movies we've done, by the feel of the production not the theme, I'd say Pandora's Box and The Widow, as opposed to Love Juice which was a star studded fun type feature movie and a chance to work with a lot of people.

We're also involved in producing another film project with Emmanuelle Jameson. This is a really exciting one too. Which a lot of people will be interested in. I am very happy with that one so far, having sent video to Arwen, Louise, and Emmanuelle last week and getting good feed back.

We just wrapped up filming on "Wonder/Power" last week for Alex latino too, where we play Wonder Woman and Power girl, in a big cast production, packed with star names! So look out for that coming soon!

Also of course we have upcoming shoots for Hoobs Hotties!

If all that is not enough, we still enjoy Escorting, we like to keep busy at that too!

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