Sunday, 4 November 2012


The first movie for Halloween 2013! yes we got in early and produced a special movie before anybody else! ( You're not buying that are you!? ).

Desyre is a film i really enjoyed producing. Myself and Louise Silverweb worked on the production side of things. With Louise putting together the sets, and us both dressing them, and finally myself shooting a cast which really did so much to make this a nice little movie.

Once again, i shot a story written by EmeeLee Rage. Which of course brought back memories of Pron. Which i co directed with Emee in spring 2011. This was a intimate movie, with a cast of three. With Emee appearing in the films 3rd and final act. Coming after a really erotic, sensual, and intimate sex scene with a real rising star on the Second Life Porn scene. Katina Cazalet, and her co star Kylie Krell making strides here to become a name too on our scene.

I loved filming the Desyre sex scene, trying out new techniques with lighting, and also again using some green screen later on in the production, not as a gimmick or for the sake of it, but to place Emee into scenes she could not have otherwise made it to. Also there is some fun CGI special effects to be seen in Desyre too.

I really hope you enjoy watching, and give your compliments to the cast, and writer EmeeLee who is always a great role model to anybody on our scene with her motivation, pro active outlook, and professional quality edge to every project she enters into.

See the Movie and more pics after the Jump!!


  1. Great stuff.
    Lovin' the fluid camera movement, the interesting angles, lighting, music choice...and of course the sexiness!

  2. Thank you so much Pixie. That means everything coming from you. I am really pleased you enjoyed it. :)