Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Hottie Of The Year!

As two times winner of Hottie of the month, i'd like to say good luck to the nominee's for 'Hottie Of The Year'. The three candidates are Envy Watts ( CEO Of Hoobs Hotties. ), Zaria, and Be. I really enjoyed covering these girls on the Pornstars Blog, in Envy's case i recruited her into the Pornstars Group, and blogged her around 200 times. Be i always say is one of the fastest rising Pornstars members i have ever seen arrive on our scene. Be is a real beauty, and in my experience a grateful polite girl who has often thanked me for covering her projects and blogging her. In her early days in Porn too. Zaria i class as one of the most talented girls around, she brightens up our Pornstars blog always, with class and quality erotic images.

In all I have blogged the 'Hotties' over 1700 times and counting, during my time on the Pornstars Blog. I left the Hotties last year, but continue to follow, and support the girls in the group. Good luck girls.

Serenity. xox

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